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Vodka Myths

About Vodka Myths

Vodka Myths 2

Some Myths Related to Russians and Vodka Drinking

Some controversial myths about Russians and their drinking habits have been somewhat exaggerated over the years. Below is a list of some myths which have either been disproved, or proved to be accurate.

Russians make use of vodka to cure colds
This myth is actually true and Russians believe that vodka is a powerful disinfectant which kills cold viruses effectively. Some old Russian recipes for fending off colds by use of vodka are :

  • Adding pepper to vodka (Also known as “Pertsovka”)
  • Adding honey to vodka
  • Adding crushed raw garlic to vodka

Russians only drink vodka out of huge glasses
This one’s not even remotely true. The Russian people normally use small shot glasses like we do in the West. It’s good to note that drinking straight out of the bottle is considered rude in Russia and if done, will be met by severe derogatory looks.

Russians will never dilute vodka or use it to mix drinks
This myth is true. Most Russians drink their vodka straight, with no fancy extras (Like ice, which in their opinion, will simply dilute the taste). They do chill it. In a few rare instances, certain Russian individuals will mix their vodka with a few extra flavors. They will never admit it though, because it is socially seen as an insult to their rich Russian heritage. They also generally take a sip of another drink after every shot of vodka consumed

Both Russian women and men drink about the same amount of vodka
A myth of false roots. Vodka is considered a drink for men. With that in mind, the Russians look down on women who drink it in excess because it is considered to be not lady-like. Lighter drinks are reserved for the female population of Russia and beverages like wine or champagne are their staple drinking diet. Russian women usually drink lighter drinks, like champagne or wine. The women do however drink vodka when conducting business meetings or when going out with friends, but not to the same extent as men.

Russians will never start drinking without toasting to something
This is mostly true. A toast is an integral part to Russians, when drinking together. As inebriation sets in, the toasts get much longer and very sentimental.

Vodka disturbs your diet and general health
That myth is partly true. Although vodka has about a 155 calories, it is much better than it’s counterparts. Vodka contains no carbs, fats nor proteins. It is therefore ideal as a drink if you want and must have one at all costs. However, vodka can damage health if drunk in excess over a long period of time. It can become responsible for alcoholism and cirrhosis among the Russian population.

Vodka, when used on hair in sunlight, will turn it a lighter color
The popular myth spread among many is completely false. If you would like to lighten your hair, get a hairdresser to do it or perhaps use lemon juice. It will lighten your hair and save your vodka for a shot glass.