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Vodka In Food

About Vodka In Food

Foods with vodka
Being a very versatile spirit which gives any food or drink an enhanced and gentle flavor, vodka is used by chefs all over the world as an ingredient in their food. Below we have not only given you a few ideas and a list of delicious dishes but also links to recipes!

Vodka in Various Dishes

In the list below, you can see a few dishes which include vodka and the benefits of adding it to enhance the flavor of your meal.

  • Penne with Cream, Vodka and Salmon
  • A subtle blend of pan seared salmon, thick white cream, red or black caviar and a few splashes of vodka really bring the sauce together and make for an interesting flavor. View Recipe Here

  • Pasta with Spicy Vodka Cream Sauce
  • This sauce is inspired by a combination of the Roman “arrabbiata” sauce as well as tomato cream-vodka sauce. With added oregano, a small amount of chille and a few splashes of vodka, this dish will be one to remember. View Recipe Here

  • Farfalle A La Vodka
  • This great tasting dish uses the vodka to give the tomato sauce base a little more kick. Once the alcohol boils off and the flavor of the bacon is combined with it, you end up with a smoky-tasting sauce, ideal for any kind of pasta. View Recipe Here

  • Salmon with Vodka Sauce and Parsley Salad
  • The dish consists of lightly grilled salmon in some oil and a few splashes of vodka. The alcohol evaporates leaving behind it a latent taste of vodka which gives the salmon a slightly sweeter flavor. Some side-dishes can be added to the meal to compliment the grilled salmon(e.g. Salads, etc.). View Recipe Here

  • Vodka-Marinated Rib Roast
  • Meat is a treat when cooked properly. This particular method of preparing meat involves the marinating of the meat in vodka. The vodka tenderizes the meat, making it supple and keeping it juicy, even when exposed to significant amounts of heat. View Recipe Here

  • Crispy Kung Pao Tofu
  • Vodka and water are left to simmer in a pan until a thick sauce is formed. when this happens, the tofu is added and first absorbs the sweet flavors, then grills slowly. You can add a combination of vegetables to this dish to help the grilled tofu’s flavor stand out. View Recipe Here

  • Pasta with Vodka Sauce, Clams and Breadcrumbs
  • This recipe combines fresh sea-food cooked in vodka, toasted breadcrumbs and any kind of pasta. The dish tastes sweet and crunchy with prominent sea-food hints. View Recipe Here