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Vehicle Transport | Malta to UK

About Vehicle Transport To and From Malta to UK

Vehicle Transport Services

Vehicles, through time and technological advances, have earned the respect and love of most who drive them. Some people prefer buying their vehicles locally and others favor the over-seas importing method. Both are very viable and both come with advantages and disadvantages. Certain companies cater for these needs and do so with reliability and safety. below you can find some more information about vehicle transport to and from Malta. From a local dealer looking to import a large number of vehicles to the independent buyer looking to import his own car their is a need for good professional vehicle transport.

Timely Delivery To and From Malta

Most companies will deliver your vehicle in both a timely fashion and in good condition due to their specialization in car transportation from different destinations to Malta. The same is true when transporting cars from Malta to other destinations. This helps avoid excess waiting and frustration due to inefficiency.

How Are Vehicles Delivered

After your vehicle is bought, you can either opt to drive it down to the company’s warehouse yourself, benefiting from peace of mind, or even rely on a designated driver, who will transport it for you in one of the company’s trucks. The cars are handled with the utmost care and are safely secured for the duration of the journey. Once the car makes it to the warehouse, it’s details are taken down, along with yours and is then ready to be transported as cargo. It is then transported to the desired destination.

Cargo Safety Measures

Your vehicle will be placed in a cargo hold and is monitored constantly, along with the other cargo present within the transport service. No additional weight is placed on the vehicle’s cargo container, so as to prevent damage to your vehicle. All cargo is also tied down to avoid damage against the containers caused by rough sea conditions.

Premises for Cargo Storage

Most companies have multiple storage facilities in all the locations they ship to and from, so your car will definitely have a safe place to remain in while awaiting transportation. Most of these facilities are constantly patrolled by security guards and CCTV cameras keep an eye open for your vehicles safety.

Vehicle Inspection Before and After Transport

Before being shipped off to the desired location, cars are inspected for any previously incurred damage, ensuring you that no damage was caused by the transport company. This helps avoid confusion and legal issues.

Transport to Local Dealers

The Maltese branch of the company can transport your car to your dealership if you own one. This is done by very professional drivers, in the safest of ways and care is given to both your car and other vehicles on the road. Alternatively your car can be delivered straight to your door or picked up from their warehouse.