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Turnkey Projects

Casa Completa

Turnkey projects are any works done on a property to improve it. This means a lot of different services can be described as turnkey solutions, from plumbing and electric all the way to sanding and roofing, and everything in between! Turnkey projects are generally undertaken by people who want to protect their property, be it private or commercial, from potential issues such as drainage issues, or those who want to improve their property and make it better, in cases such as painting and ironwork. Turnkey projects are a great way to improve the value of your property or to dramatically improve it without radical construction, which can take up a lot of time and money.

About Casa Completa

Casa Completa was originally started out of a warehouse in 1993 by its current onwer, Sebastian Luca. His goal was to bring imported high quality water proofing materials and service to Malta at an affordable price. The business quickly took off and they was soon able to expand the next year to their current showroom in Attard and expand into a new business area: Bathrooms. Slowly over the years Casa Completa has grown into a wide range of business areas including turnkey services, where you can rely on the company’s mission to bring high quality work at the best prices. Their turnkey solutions cover numerous areas and they employ only the most professional contractors to carry the work out.


Casa Completa offers a range of the finest products to protect your properties facade from the environment. Especially in humid countries such as Malta, facade protection is important to prevent the grown of bacteria, mold, algi, moss and general dirt. Thanks to their top quality products, Casa Completa’s workers have a multi step process to not only clean your facade but also to leave a coating to protect from any further bacteria. They can work on a variety of facades from natural stone to plaster and paint, there will be no issues.

Floor Treatments

Floors in all property obviously see the most wear out and yet are rarely given as much attention as walls and roofs. This is even truer in commercial properties that also see a large amount of vehicles such as underground car parks. Casa Completa can keep your floors clean, stain and crack resistant and brand new looking with the most high tech applications of high quality products. Using their range of protective epoxies, your floor will be resistant to the most hard wearing action and look sparkling new too.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is often times a headache for any commercial property owner, no one wants to see their property vandalized for no reason and look worse than it is, for personal property its even worse. With many sprays and facades, this graffiti can often leave permanent marks after cleaning, or lead to uneven re-painting. With Casa Completa you will be ensured a thorough cleaning with the most up to date tools guaranteed to wash off any unwanted ink and they work with all surfaces. Thanks to their qualified workers you will never realise you had any graffiti.


Casa Completa offers a wide range of services relating to stone work, whether you need a full construction job done or minor stone pieces custom build, Casa Completa strives to bring you the same quality, service and affordability that it offers in all of its other lines. With their team of skilled workers you will be left impressed with their stone work that will give your property not only high quality, but a great traditional look as well.


Casa Completa has a whole range of turnkey solutions not mentioned here that you can find on their website or by calling them directly. These services include ironwork, air conditioning installation, bathroom conversions and many, many more. Their staff work with clients to give them service tailored to their exact specifications with whatever property turnkey need they have. They will then carry out the project with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Contact Casa Completa

A: Mdina Road, Attard
T: 21 414 933
E: info@casacompletaturnkey.com
W: http://www.casacompletaturnkey.com/

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