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Strange Vodkas, Different Tastes

About Strange Vodkas, Different Tastes

Different Vodkas

Since there are quite a large number of competing companies, each trying to be the best in their own respective field, it is only natural to find that the products available to clients are vast, varied and enormous in both quantity and quality.

While a lot of the world’s vodka is prepared using standardized procedures, methods and distillation, some unique takes on the well-known spirit filter through the hum-drum of standardized products and when they do, they show the industry just how very creative the human mind can be.

Strange Vodkas

Below, you will find a list of very strange vodka tastes which require bravery and an adventurous spirit. Read on below to find out more.

  • Dairy Vodka By Jason Barber

    Black Cow pure milk vodka
    Jason Barber, a dairy farmer who owns the brand ” Black Cow”, invented a way to turn milk into beer and beer into vodka. It’s very smooth and creamy and has gained the admiration of famous actors, such as Daniel Craig and Elizabeth Hurley.

  • Wasabi Flavored Vodka by Oddka

    Wasabi is very spicy. It is made from the roots and stems of a plant which grows in Japan. This vodka, produced by ODDKA, is as unique as it is strange and , surprisingly, is not extremely spicy.

  • Salted Caramel Popcorn Flavored Vodka by Oddka

    oddka salty caramel popcorn
    This vodka is a combination of flavors. It manages both salty and sweet, while infusing a subtle popcorn taste into the mix. It also tastes somewhat of honey, with a slight almond undertone.

  • Fresh Cut Grass Flavored Vodka by Oddka

    grass flavored vodka oddka
    Do you enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass ? If so, you’ll definitely enjoy Oddka’s accurate rendition of that little pleasure. This vodka tastes like the name implies and has a very peculiar and particular taste, which will appeal mainly to those who are dead-set on trying something different.

  • Buttered Popcorn Flavored Vodka by 360 Vodka

    Buttered Popcorn Vodka
    All the great taste of buttered popcorn, in one bottle. This vodka provides you with a unique vodka which tastes quite buttery and smooth and also has subtle undertones of popcorn thrown in. Might be something to consider as a popcorn substitute when watching a movie.

  • Hemp Seed Flavored Vodka by Alaska Distillery’s Purgatory

    Hemp seed vodka Alaska Distilleries
    This vodka has a bit of a controversial flavor. It is illegal in some establishments (like the US Army) due to laws and regulations. It has a very delicately balanced taste, alternating between sweet and smooth, while also retaining it’s hemp flavor.

  • Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka by Alaska Distillery

    Salmon Vodka Alaska Distillery
    There’s nothing fishy about this vodka. It is exactly what the name says it is. Its pink, it’s vodka and it tastes like salmon. The tastes aren’t overpowering to the extent of being sickening and it makes for a nice drink with a difference.

  • Bacon Flavored Vodka by Black Rock Spirits Company

    Bakon Vodka by Black rock spirits
    We all love bacon. It’s great in sandwiches, in a fry-up and recently, great in vodka as well. It tastes very much like bacon, which means that it tastes meaty, salty and smoky.

  • Double Espresso Flavored Vodka by Van Gogh

    Double espresso van gogh vodka
    Have you ever wished for a combination of strong coffee and vodka ? If so , then the creative minds behind Van Gogh have come up with vodka that tastes smooth and very much like espresso. It also tastes of rich cocoa and dark roasted coffee.

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Flavored Vodka by Van Gogh

    Vincent Van Gogh Peanut butter jelly
    An American favorite, this classic snack can now be had in a shot-glass or as part of a cocktail. This vodka tastes nutty and has a berry-like finish that helps balance the potency of the alcohol.

  • Pumpkin Pie Flavored Vodka by Pinnacle

    Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie
    This vodka manages to pull off the flavor it claims to possess. It does this by smelling like carrot cake, covered in cream frosting. There’s also a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon.

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel Flavored Vodka by Wave

    Chocolate Covered Pretzel Vodka
    Chocolate covered pretzel vodka is a flavor which blends in the tastes of sweet, salty and chocolate into one strong drink.It can be served with cocktails or as a mixer in other drinks.

  • Lavendar Lemonade Flavored Vodka by Rain

    Vodka that derives it’s flavors from natural inspirations. It tastes like lavender smells and has an added twist of lemonade mixed in.

  • Dill Pickle Flavored Vodka by Naked Jay

    This kind of vodka is designed to be refreshing and have a smooth taste of pickles and their juices. It’s a unique take on pickles and provides you with a very particular taste that appeals to people with an adventurous streak.

  • Scorpion Flavored Vodka by Thailand Unique

    The scorpion is the part of the vodka which stands out the most. It is said, that the scorpion inside the bottle imparts flavor to the alcohol, making it taste somewhat like smokey wood.

Different Vodka Tastes

This section will tell you more about some conservative vodka tastes which cater to the cravings of most people. Read below to find out which flavors have been included in our list.

  • Strawberry Flavored Vodka by Smirnoff

    Strawberry flavored vodka
    A vodka flavor, manufactured by the most prominent and popular global vodka provider, Smirnoff. It tastes of succulent strawberries and can be used as a mixer or on it’s own.

  • Cherry Flavored Vodka by Pinnacle

    Manufacturer Pinnacle has come up with a vodka flavor that tastes like actual cherries. The vodka is smooth, balanced and the cherry taste is blended in excellently to provide one of the finest drinks money can buy.

  • Cucumber and Watermelon Flavored Vodka by Pinnacle

    The refreshing taste provided by this vodka is that of succulent cucumbers and juicy watermelons. It is especially suited for chilled cocktails, being sipped under the summer sun while relaxing by a pool.

  • Vanilla Flavored Vodka by Pinnacle

    This makes for an excellent desert vodka. It tastes sweet with subtle hints of vanilla, making it a favorite to finish off a meal in style or even as a mixer in other drinks and cocktails.

  • Apple Flavored Vodka by Absolut

    Absolut Apple Orient Vodka
    Refreshing yet smooth, this vodka is perfect for mixing into citrus based cocktails or even perhaps for drinking with some ice while relaxing.