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Starter Motor Parts | Malta

About Starter Motor Parts | Malta

Startup Motors

A starter motor, is an electric, hydraulic or even pneumatic motor, which is used to start an engine. The engines it starts are typically of the internal-combustion variety which enable the engine to actually start and keep going on it’s own. This motor works by turning electricity generated by the battery of a car, into movement within itself to start the engine.

A Brief History of the Starter Motor

In the distant past, engines could only be started up by use of gunpowder cylinders, wind-up springs or sheer human effort. A more popular design of starting old cars up, was the hand-crank. This was very difficult to do however and was very unreliable, due to the fact that there was no definite way in which you could predict the engine’s response. It was sometimes classified as dangerous as the engine itself would “kick-back” and harm either the crank operator, or the people standing behind the car due to a reversing action brought on by the cranking.

As times moved on and technology advanced, a realization struck the mechanical engineering community. Why not use a small motor to keep the engine going ? There were 2 problems with that :

1) It was a small motor which would burn out in a few seconds because of the voltage required to keep an engine going
2) The technology was not advanced enough to permit a stronger motor to be developed.

However, there was a solution to this problem. It was discovered that an internal-combustion engine would keep going once it was started and the motors available could be used for a few seconds until the crucial point of combustion was reached. Cadillac saw the benefits of such a discovery and in 1912, started fitting slightly altered start-up motors on their vehicles. The starter-motors were also used as generators to power some features of the car and this tested and proven technology is still being used in modern cars till this very day.

Different Parts in a Starter Motor

The Electromagnetic Field Coils and Housing :
A core combines starter fields in a frame, housed by another field frame, making up a “field coil”. Most vehicles have 2-4 “field coils” which once activated by the battery, turn into an electromagnet. This electromagnet makes the armature turn in a circular motion.

The Armature:
This part is placed on bearings and a shaft for physical support. The armature is a plastic coated iron core, which is wrapped in electricity conducting loops. At the conductor ends of the shaft are commutator bars. These bars are shaped into a drum-like cylinder for easier electrical conductivity. Brushes made of carbon treated copper are then held against the commutator bars and these transfer voltage. This transfer creates an electrical current between both the frame and the rotating armature. The electric current created, forms a magnetic field which rotates the armature. Current flowing through the coils and commutator bars create a magnetic field which rotates the armature. This armature rotation is then channeled through the starter, which in turn is used to start-up the motor.

The Solenoid:
A basic solenoid in principle, it is made up of coils of wire, wrapped in a core which can move to create a current. This coil is a “switch” which is connected to the starter motor and which in turn, can either activate or deactivate a connection to the car’s battery, once the key is turned to the “on” position in an ignition switch. The current created by the solenoid also creates an electromagnetic field, which attracts the starter motor’s drive gear into a mesh ring, enabling the gear to start up the engine.

Starter Drive Gear:
When all the above processes happen at once, this gear is allowed to move into the mesh ring of the start-up motor and can finally activate the engine.

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