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About Smirnoff


Smirnoff is a brand of vodka owned and produced by the British. The brand began operation with one vodka distillery, founded in Russia’s capital city, Moscow. Pyotr Smirnov was the founder of that same distillery and contributed to the growth the company enjoys till this very day. The world-famous spirit is now distributed to a 130 countries and is also produced in other countries, such as India, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Products by Smirnoff range range from vodka and flavoured vodka, to malt beverages.

Events, Charities and Giveaways By Smirnoff

Smirnoff are well known the world over. They like giving back to the community and they do this in various ways, some of which can be found by reading on below.

Smirnoff World Pro-Am Surfing Championships

The Smirnoff World Pro-Am Surfing championships were regarded with utmost admiration through the nine-year history for which the competition was still being held. The event in 1974 will remain ever-famous for the highlight of huge 25 foot waves at Waimea bay in 1974. Some of the contestants had abstained from riding those waves during that year, deeming them too dangerous. Their fears should have been alleviated when the contest director (and 1968 world champion) Fred Hemmings, offered to surf the first wave and prove it could be done. The 5,000 spectators were were treated to the show of a lifetime that day.

Smirnoff has evidently hosted a variety of events over the years, ranging from surfing to club-related parties, which cater to the desires of young adults and adults alike. They host huge parties which some of the worlds best and prominent Djs take part in. Also, live bands perform to the rhythm of the fans below the stage in music festivals. These parties are full of life and have also gained international recognition by both music fans and Smirnoff fans alike.

Smirnoff Charity Dance Track

Smirnoff has created Mindtunes, a project which harnesses the brain-waves generated by people, to create music. This brainwave technology combined with a musical software counterpart enabled three disabled men to control the rhythm of music with their minds and emotions.

The brand collaborated with a brainwave-technology expert, who helped them to make use of an ElectroEncephaloGraphy device (or EEG), to measure electrical activity in the brain. Once this activity was registered by the machine it was converted into musical rhythms and sounds. With further help from famous DJs, the team continued working on mixing the sounds with a background track, to produce a masterpiece. The proceeds from sales of that track went to the QEF. It was used to help build a state of the art assistive technology group home.

Mindtunes is just one of the many Smirnoff sponsored projects, aimed at showing the world how new technology and a unique perspective on music can help others who are less fortunate, expand their creative potential.

Giveaways by Smirnoff

Smirnoff gives away plenty of it’s products and branded wear every year. These items can include t-shirts, key-rings, vouchers and even more expensive items like party kits which help get the party started, before the actual party takes place(a pre-party, if you will)

A Pre-Party Kit by Smirnoff may include:

  • $100 AMEX gift card for Smirnoff ICE
  • Phillips DS1155 Speakers to blast your latest pre-party playlist
  • Feather Boas, nail polish and other items to add to the a unique look