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Second Hand Vans and Trucks | Malta

About Second Hand Vans and Trucks | Malta

Second Hand Vand and Trucks

In Malta, trucks and vans are used in every day. Some take people from point A to point B, others are capable of carrying extremely heavy loads of concrete to construction sites and certain specific trucks clear the refuse. When it comes to choosing second hand vans or trucks, there are a few things you should know about. Second hand dealers will provide you with these heavy-duty vehicles, and they are usually reasonable in price. They are also classified and valued, and may be a little more expensive than normal commercial vehicles. Below is how these vehicles are classified and valued, according to their types, their weight and the load they are capable of carrying.

Classifications of Vans and Trucks | Malta

Commercial vehicles can be classified into 3 main categories :

CATEGORY M – A category of vehicles which are used to transport passengers

M2: In this section, you will find vehicles used for carrying passengers, which has more than eight seats plus the driver’s seat. It also must not exceed 5 tonnes.
M3: This section, you can find vehicles used for transporting passengers, which has more than eight seats plus the driver’s seat. It also must exceed 5 tonnes.

CATEGORY N – This category includes vehicles with at least four wheels used to transport goods

N1: Vehicles used for the transport of goods. They must not exceed 3.5 tonnes
N2: Vehicles used for the transport of goods. They must exceed 3.5 tonnes but not 12 tonnes
N3: Vehicles used for the transport of goods. Theymust exceed 12 tonnes

CATEGORY O – This category is made up of Commercial Vehicles. It covers all trailers from:
O1: Trailers not exceeding .75 Tonnes
O2: Trailers with a minimum of .75 Tonnes to 3.5 Tonnes
O3: Trailers 3.5 Tonnes to 10 Tonnes
O4: Trailers exceeding 10 Tonnes

Valuation Criteria of Vans and Trucks

There are 4 criteria by which a commercial vehicle such as a Van or Truck can be Valued :

1.The registration tax of all N1, N2, N3 categorized vehicles is classified by :
-The Euro standard which it reaches
-It’s year of registration
-The amount of mileage covered by the vehicle
-It’s engine cubic capacity
-The maximum authorized mass

This will give a more accurate representation of what a van or truck is actually worth at present.

2.Independent research by Transport Malta is another deciding factor. This research will provide more information about the vehicle, which means that they will inspect the vehicle and it’s details. Their research will help classify the vehicle further.

3.Time frame of last registration is also a valuation criteria. If registration of the vehicle exceeds more than 6 months after it’s last service, it’s Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to the current value of the vehicle and has to be paid.

4.Official Documentation will be another basis of how the vehicle is valued. These documents must include the Certificate of Conformity among other important documentation.

Different Kinds of Vans and Trucks

Plenty of varieties of vans and trucks are available, some of which are :


  • Refrigerated vans
  • People carrier vans
  • Commercial vans
  • Goods transport vans


  • Concrete transport trucks
  • Crane trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Refrigerator trucks
  • Refuse Trucks

Quality Brands of Vans and Trucks | Malta

You can find plenty of good second hand vans and trucks in Malta, some of which are :

  • Iveco
  • Mercedes
  • Fiat
  • Volks Wagen (VW)
  • Renault
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Isuzu