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Refrigerated Vehicles | Malta

About Refrigerated Vehicles | Malta

Refrigerated Vehicles

A refrigerated vehicle is one which is designed to allow safe transportation of perishable goods, which need to be kept at a constant and specific temperature. These vehicles can either be ice-cooled or come factory-equipped with plenty of cooling methods, which are powered by a small diesel engine. They can also use carbon dioxide, which is used in either it’s dry ice form or liquid form.

Different Goods Carried by Refrigerated Vehicles

Below, you can see a few different products commonly found in supermarkets. These products need specific temperatures to remain viable for consumer production. The information provided when reading on, will tell you about which products need which temperatures :

Chilled Products Temperature: (in Degrees Celsius)

-Fresh fish (in ice), shellfish and crustaceans
-Cooked dishes,prepared foods & egg products
-Meat and pre-packaged cooked meats
-Chicken and rabbit
-Unpasteurized or fermented milk and fresh cream
+2 Degrees Celsius
+3 Degrees Celsius
+3 Degrees Celsius
+3 Degrees Celsius
+4 Degrees Celsius
+3 Degrees Celsius

Frozen Products Temperature: (In Degrees Celsius)

-Ice and ice cream -25 Degrees Celsius
-Deep frozen foods -18 Degrees Celsius
-Fish-related products -18 Degrees Celsius
-Butter and cream -14 Degrees Celsius
-Meat -10 Degrees Celsius

Different Types of Refrigerated Vehicles

Each refrigerated vehicle transports specific goods and is built for a specific purpose. Some vehicles are set to produce a lower temperature for goods which need a constantly low temperature, or else they will spoil. Some just need to chill the transported items, which enables the temperature to fluctuate a little with less risk to the products. Some refrigerated vehicles are different from others, by having different features, such as less or more insulation and ventilation fans. These can be used for transportation of fruit, which can survive for longer periods of time in slightly warmer temperatures.

Some examples of different models of refrigerated vehicles are as follows :

  • Ford Transit T260 fridge van (high roof)
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Isuzu NQR NQR70 7.5 Ton Fridge
  • Renault Kangoo maxi
  • Scania P Series P230

How Do Refrigerated Vehicles Work ?

Refrigerated vehicles can work by a number of means, including ventilation fans and ice combined with insulation materials, to more complex mechanical refrigeration, which is powered by a diesel engine. Some of them work by actually removing the heat present within the compartment, not creating cold climates for the goods they’re transporting. A very low temperature can in fact, be obtained by continuous removal of heat.

The mechanical refrigeration systems however, do not work passively. They rely on 3 main components to cool the storage space:

The Evaporator:
A refrigerant(liquid) is placed in tubes found in the Evaporator and this cold liquid absorbs the heat from it’s surroundings. During the absorption of heat, the liquid within the tubes becomes more and more gas-like and is pumped away from the evaporator. This gas will be carrying the heat with it, thus taking heat away from the original source.

The Compressor:
This component is what pumps the refrigerant until it becomes a gas, enabling it to absorb heat more readily.

The Condenser:
By having cooler air from the outside funneled into it, this condenser removes the heat from the gas. Once the heat is removed, this refrigerant gas will turn back into it’s liquid state, enabling the cooling process to restart.

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