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Quartz Surfaces – Counter tops and More

Kitchen, Bathroom, Commercial Counter Tops & Surfaces

Hanstone Quartz surfaces are extremely durable, luxurious, low maintenance and non-porous as well as being chip and scratch resistant. Over 40 patterns are available backed by a 10 year commercial/residential limited warranty. Hanstone quartz is designed for high traffic areas ranging from banks to busy bars and of course the busy household.

Harder than granite surfaces

Manufactured using a high end process in a state of the art manufacturing facility Hanstone quartz is a luxury product that is made to last. Various types of crystals are sourced from around the world to provide the desired look; in addition other materials such as coloured glass, mother of pearl and even semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli and amethyst create the amazing finished product available at Seamless Surfaces in Malta.

Quartz Kitchen Counter tops

Highly resistant
Variety of colours and patterns
Wide range of sizes
Highly resistant to extreme temperature conditions
Multi purpose building materials
Low maintenance
Stain resistant (tested over 18 hours)
10 year warranty

Quartz Bathroom Surfaces

Quartz is ideal for bathroom vanity surfaces, cladding and even flooring.

Quartz Surfaces, Cladding and Flooring | Commercial

If you are looking for a low maintenance surface that is stunning and comes in a variety of colours and patterns there are a number of great reasons to consider Hanstone Quartz. A chip and stain resistant surface that can handle a wide range of extreme conditions backed by a 10 year warranty; high ratings for hygiene and bacteria resistant it is a safe bet for a wide variety of commercial applications.

Hanstone Quartz Interior Surfaces – Residential

Hanstone quartz is versatile, making it a great choice for units, mini bars, counters, desks, study areas, coffee tables, wall units and so much more, get creative and the team at Seamless Surfaces will help you bring your vision to life.

A few of the colours and patterns available for your Quartz surfaces

The above is only part of the selection available, why not click the button below to get in touch with a specialist at Seamless Surfaces Malta to discuss your options and get some expert advice?

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