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Quality Street Sweets | Malta

About Quality Street Sweets | Malta

Quality street Candy Malta Park Towers Supermarkets History

Quality Street Sweets are sold in Malta and in over 70 other countries, being the world’s number one selling boxed chocolate assortment means it needs little introduction. Created by the Mackintosh business in Halifax, northern England, in 1936, by Harold Mackintosh the son of John Mackintosh known as the toffee king. Jon Mackintosh originally founded the business in 1890 and it was in 1936 that Harold created quality street. The main goal was to make chocolate more affordable and accessible to the working class in a time when chocolate was considered an expensive luxury. 

The Mackintosh family based in Halifax already produced best-selling toffees at very competitive prices, covering the toffee in chocolate meant that they could make a delicious treat for everyone. The sweets packaged in brightly coloured tins and decorated on the inside with ribbons gave a very pleasant visual appeal to the sweets that was only surpassed by their excellent falvour.

The Quality Street branding featured two characters wearing old fashioned dress, known affectionately as Miss Sweetly and Major Quality. You can read more about Quality Street Sweets and their 75th Year anniversary from Nestle. 

Everyone has their favourite Quality Street – making them perfect for sharing. With an assortment of twelve sweets – caramels, fudges, fruit crèmes, nuts and pralines.

Quality Street Sweets Flavours List

  • Toffee Penny – Soft toffee – Gold Wrapper in the shape of a large old British penny.
  • Chocolate Toffee Finger – Solid toffee wrapped in milk Chocolate. – Gold Wrapper Stick shape
  • Toffee Deluxe – Chocolate covered soft toffee. – Brown Wrapper
  • Caramel Swirl – Delicious Caramel center coated in chocolate.
  • Milk Choc Block  – Milk Chocolate – Green Wrapper
  • Vanilla Fudge – Tasty vanilla fudge coated in chocolate. – Pink Wrapper
  • Coconut Eclair – Coconut center covered in delicious chocolate. – Blue Wrapper
  • Orange Crunch – Crunchy crystalized Orange pieces in chocolate. – Orange Wrapper Octagonal
  • Strawberry Delight – Chocolate filled with strawberry cream. – Red Wrapper Circular
  • Orange Creme – Dark chocolate covering a white, orange flavored interior. – Orange Wrapper
  • The Green Triangle – A hazelnut noisette pate covered in chocolate. – Green Wrapper Traingle
  • The Purple One – This is a hazelnut in runny caramel wrapped in chocolate. – Purple Wrapper

Over the years there have been many other flavours of Quality Street Sweets and we will probably continue to see different sweets in the future however it would not be a bad thing if they stayed just the way they are, in fact when new flavours are introduced it is normally in special packs so that you can tell the difference.

Do also keep an eye out for delicious chocolate bars made from the tastiest and most popular of quality street sweets such as their delicious purple one!

Where to buy Quality Street sweets in Malta

You can buy quality street sweets and other popular Nestle products from Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera. Park Towers stocks a wide variety of different sized quality street sweets from small apcks to share by two to large tins great to give as gifts or to share with all your family and friends. For all the best brands under one roof at affordable and competitive prices visit Park Towers Supermarkets.


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