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Pantene | Malta

About Pantene | Malta


Pantene produce a range of products that makes your hair shine, hydrated, hair is strengthened. Through research and study of different hair structures, Pantene developed products that transform your hair into healthier hair. Their shampoos and conditioners contain Pro-Vitamins to prevent and repair hair damage.

Pantene Hair care products

Classic Clean

Classic Clean with a dose of Pro-V formula that gives instant strength, moisture and shine. These products also nourish and protect hair from damage, removing product build-up for clean, shiny, healthy-looking hair. Classic clean range consist of shampoo and conditioner.

Advance care

The Advance care products Shampoo and Conditioner are suitable for all hair types. It has 5 protective solutions noticeable from the first wash. It gives moisture, smoothness, colour protection, damage repair and provides strength to hair against damage thanks to the Vitamin B5 complex.

Anti-breakage Products

The Anti-breakage hair products range consists of shampoo, conditioner and intense repair creme. These products strengthen and reinforce hair root-to-tip from breakage due to detangling and hair fall which is caused by stress and other factors. By using these products hair fall will occur much less, which will give you the confidence even in the most stressful days. Whilst working to strengthen your hair using Pantene’s anti-breakage products, it will leave your hair rejuvenated and full of shine.

Full and Strong

The Full and strong range by Pantene Pro-V adds natural volume and strength to hair. This products range consist of shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and treatment. Using matching products will give you the best results of hair strength, natural volume, protection against damage and also providing hair with antioxidants that nourish hair. Pantene’s Full and Strong range leaves hair lightweight and brings out natural volume unlike other products that add weight on the hair.

Beautiful lengths

The Beautiful lengths range by Pantene nourishes hair grow longer, faster. This range consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Creme, by using all products you will get the best results for your hair. Beautiful Lengths range also strengthens hair against breakage, split ends and frizz, nourishing hair to help grow longer in a faster timespan. The Beautiful lengths creme restores moisture back in dry hair to reduce frizz so hair will look healthier and longer, faster.


This Aqualight range from Pantene Pro-V nourishes and cleans hair with no weight or build-up. This range consists of shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray, by using all this range you will get the best results for your hair with every wash, leaving hair refreshed and light. The secret of this range is that the products are free of silicone, dyes and paraben making hair cleansed for lightweight, healthy hair.

Daily Moisture Renewal

A Blow dry is a cause of dry hair, give your hair a break and use the Pantene range, Daily Moisture Renewal. The product’s formula seals in hydration from root to tip, providing all-day moisture which makes hair feel soft and manageable and strength against damage. Using all products of this range you will surely benefit your hair for better results you need with every wash. This range is specifically for very Dry hair also suitable for color-treated or permed hair. Daily Moisture renewal range consist of Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Mousse. Give your hair a break it deserves for silky, shiny hair with Daily Moisture Renewal products.

Colour Revival

The Colour Revival and Volume range offers healthy and vibrancy for your colour treated hair, also protecting hair colour and moisture too. This range comes into two Colour Revival and Colour Volume. Colour Revival shampoo and conditioner offers shine and moisture in your colour treated hair and also prevents colour fading. Colour Volume shampoo and conditioner also protects the colour you love to prevent colour-fading together with added volume that leaves hair light-weight.

Curl Perfection

Use Curl Perfection range for touchable curls, controlling frizz and flyaway hair, also protects hair from damage. This range Curl Perfection with Pro-V formula helps provide nourishment, bounce and definition for curly hair. Curl Perfection range consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Creme, Mousse and gel. It is recommended to use the same product range for your hair for better results for the nourishment and care of your curly hair.

Repair and Protect

Repair and protect range from Pantene Pro-V gently cleanses hair, locks in moisture which repairs hair from damage, smoothes hair, gives shine and manageability. Using these products the results are clearly visible in one wash and they are also very light-weight on hair. These products are suitable for those who have damaged or stressed hair, for permed hair and colour-treated hair to restore smoothness, shine and healthy-looking hair.

Smooth and Sleek

The Smooth and Sleek range tames frizz and flyaway hair for 3 days. This range smoothes, controls and protects hair for sleek, smooth and strong hair. The Smooth and Sleek range is suitable for wavy and frizzy hair. The secret in Smooth and Sleek products is that the Moroccan Argan oil nourishes hair with anti-frizz formula leaving hair healthy, sleek and silky smooth.

Damage Detox

Damage Detox deep-cleans with antioxidant moisture and protects hair from damage. These products have twice antioxidant formula together with deeper protection to cleanse and remove impurities so hair is revitalised, strong and rebuilds a protective layer around damaged hair. This range consists of Revitalizing Shampoo, Deep Cleanse Shampoo, Rebuilding Conditioner, Daily Rehab Creme, by using these products hair is protected and deep cleansed for shiny hair.

Everlasting Ends

Everlasting Ends helps stop split ends before they start forming and also repairs the split ends already formed. This product range apart from repairing split ends fortifies hair from further damage, strenghtening from root-to-tip and giving it a clean, healthy shine. Everlasting Ends Shampoo offers the best results in clean hair and mending split ends when used with matching Conditioner and Repair Crème.

Heat Shield

Heat Shield products defend against heat damage, protects hair up to 450 degrees with heat-activated oils making hair look healthy and shiny. Heat Shield range consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, for the best results it is recommended to keep to the same collection leaving hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

Ice Shine

Ice Shine provides shine, reduces friction, leaving hair shiny, protection to prevent styling damage. Ice Shine shampoo removes dirt and residue to bring out beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking hair. These products are suitable for all hair types, chemically-treated hair and coloured hair and when used daily hair is transformed into shiny brilliance, all day long.

Nature Fusion

This range, Nature Fusion restores moisture to dry hair with aloe vera, calendula and ginger, leaving hair nourished and smooth all day long. Using Nature Fusion Conditioner hair is moisture is restored, strengthened and nourished all day long with natural cassia. Nature Fusion has two types one of which is Avocado Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and the other is Melon Extract Shampoo and Conditioner both providing healthy smooth shiny hair.

Ultimate 10

Ulimate 10 products provides strengthens and repairs hair, brings out texture and shine to silky soft, smooth hair, keeping hair hydrated, controlling frizz and heat protection. Using Ultimate 10 you benefit from 10 solutions all into one for flawless and healthy hair.

Where to buy Pantene in Malta

You can buy Pantene products in Malta at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera, as well as many other fresh products, consumables and anything else you may need. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of different brands, so there’s always something for everyone.

Park Towers Supermarkets | St Venera | San Giljan Malta


Park Towers – St Venera
Psaila Street,
Santa Venera
(+356) 21480807 / (+356) 27480807
(+356) 21485559

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