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    Maltese Wine | Malta

    About Maltese Wine Over two thousand years ago in the Phoenician era, wine production was introduced in Malta. In the la...

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    French Wine | Malta

    About French Wine The French wines that are produced range from expensive high-end wines that are sold internationally t...

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    Italian Wines | Malta

    Italy is one of the oldest wine-producing countries, known worldwide for the broad variety of Italian wines. There are o...

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    Salmon | Malta

    Salamun is the Maltese version of Salmon. They are found in the Northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, most types of salm...

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    Swordfish | Malta

    Pixxispad is the Maltese version of Swordfish. This type of fish has a round elongated body, known for its flat long swo...

Aeon ATV Quads and Scooters | Malta

AboutĀ Aeon ATV Quads and Scooters | Malta AEON is a wellknown brand of motorcycles since 1965. Aeon produces over 60,000 vehicles a year, they are exported to many countries over five continents. AEON is focused on creation, design and performance, to ensure that their use on the roads is a means of leisure, with the… Read More »

Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails | Malta

Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails 2

About Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails Tropical fruits are healthy and taste great. Their freshness is sought after by many and many also add them to cocktails and mocktails to add a unique twist to their drinks. Ingredients like kiwi, mango, banana and many other ingredients are used in cocktails the world over and some specific… Read More »

Cocktails and Mocktails | Malta

Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails

About Cocktails and Mocktails Cocktails and mocktails come in various shapes and forms, with different ingredients thrown in to achieve different results. Some of the cocktails and mocktails available incorporate plenty of tropical ingredients, like mango, papaya, bananas and many others. To see other Tropical Cocktail and Mocktail Variations Click Here. Cocktails and mocktails are… Read More »

Pineapples | Malta


About Pineapples These palm-tree look-alike is quite imposing to look at, at first. It is covered in a hard spiky exterior, with a green spiky-leafed top. Once you cut through the exterior though, you will find that pineapples are very juicy and remind one instantly of the Caribbean, simply by looking at them. Great in… Read More »

Coconuts | Malta


About Coconuts | Malta The word “coconut” is taken from the 16th century Portuguese term “coco”, which roughly translates into skull. The term coconut came to be because the solid husk, along with the 3 marks on it are reminiscent of a human skull and face. Contrary to popular belief, a coconut is not really… Read More »

Hawaiian Tropic | Malta

Hawaiian Tropic

About Hawaiian Tropic | Malta Hawaiian Tropic produce a range of products which are skin-friendly and also protect and moisturize your skin. They prevent the sun from causing harm and some are also water-proof to prevent loss from sweating or swimming. They work by blocking out harmful UV-rays which accumulate when one sun-bathes, or simply… Read More »

Tropical Food | Malta

Tropical Food

About Tropical Food Tropical food encompasses ingredients used in savory and sweet dishes alike. It also includes the vast variety of different combinations of these ingredients, which help make very unique dishes with unusual tastes. Tropical Ingredients in Food Caribbean-spiced Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa This recipe is bound to be enjoyed by those whoa re… Read More »

Auto Body-Parts | Malta

About Auto-Body Parts | Malta Most car’s bodies are not simply made up of just one piece of metal. They’re instead, composed of a number of different body parts which make up the outer shell of the car. This body can be designed to look stunning and aerodynamic, or even shaped into a smaller profile… Read More »

Electrical and Mechanical Installations | Malta

Electrical and Mechanical Installations

About Electrical and Mechanical Installations | Malta Electrical and Mechanical Installations is an industry which caters to the electrical and mechanical needs of buildings. The companies which provide this service, are responsible for the installation, proper functionality and constant monitoring of their equipment and work. This ensures quality and enables the company to provide you… Read More »

Electrical Services | Malta

Electrical Services

About Electrical Services | Malta Electrical services are services which enable you to fit components which are vital to the delivery of electricity to your premises. These services can cater for domestic, as well as industrial and business needs. Electrical services should always be performed by fully-qualified electricians due to legal reasons. Different Types of… Read More »