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    Maltese Wine | Malta

    About Maltese Wine Over two thousand years ago in the Phoenician era, wine production was introduced in Malta. In the la...

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    French Wine | Malta

    About French Wine The French wines that are produced range from expensive high-end wines that are sold internationally t...

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    Italian Wines | Malta

    Italy is one of the oldest wine-producing countries, known worldwide for the broad variety of Italian wines. There are o...

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    Salmon | Malta

    Salamun is the Maltese version of Salmon. They are found in the Northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, most types of salm...

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    Swordfish | Malta

    Pixxispad is the Maltese version of Swordfish. This type of fish has a round elongated body, known for its flat long swo...

Electronic Cigarettes | Malta

Electronic cigarettes Malta no ashes

About Electronic Cigarettes | Malta Electronic cigarettes also known as E-cigs, nicotine inhalers, vaporisers, smokeless cigarette and other names have started gaining quite a bit of popularity in Malta. One can find a wide number of brands as well as a reasonable supply of liquid nicotine although as of yet it is not as readily… Read More »

Parmigiano Reggiano | Malta

Cheese Parmigiano Reggiano Malta Park Towers Supermarkets

About Parmigiano Reggiano | Malta Parmesan cheese in Malta is quite a popular cheese with many using the traditional Italian name | Parmigiano Reggiano. Parmigiano Reggiano derives its name from the regions it was originally produced in: Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna. Under Italian law only cheese made in these areas can be labelled… Read More »

Cheese | Malta

Cheese Malta Park Towers Supermarkets

About Cheese | Malta The French are well known for their love of cheese, in Malta, Cheese is also very much loved and forms an integral part of the local diet. From traditional Maltese Cheese to imported cheeses from around the globe you will always find a wide variety of cheese in Malta. Malta having… Read More »

Baci | Malta

Baci Malta Perugina Parktowers Supermarkets

About Baci | Malta Baci chocolates are utterly delicious and it is no surprise that Baci in Malta has become so popular. Baci Perugina chocolates are made with silky dark chocolate, gianduia, chopped hazelnuts and one whole hazelnut at the top. Gianduia is the sweet dark chocolate in Baci and is made with hazelnut paste,… Read More »

Fresh Vegetables | Malta

fresh vegetables Malta Supermarkets

About Fresh Vegetables | Malta In Malta, Vegetables form an important part of the local diet, from the traditional minestrone soup to stuffed marrows, (qarabali mimli) and many other traditional dishes as well as fresh vegetables as a side or in a delicious ftira or salad. Since fresh vegetables are such an important part of… Read More »

Panettone | Malta

panettone supermarket Malta

About Panettone | Malta Panetonne is traditionally an Italian sweet first made in Milan. There are many varieties of panettone available in Malta with many large well known brands producing delicious varieties of Panettone including specialised Panettone such as Gluten free panettone. There are a number of countries where panettone has become part of the… Read More »

Carrefour | Supermarket in St Venera Malta

carrefour malta santa venera park towers

About Carrefour Products Carrefour offers a wide selection of high-quality products at the best prices. Carrefour focuses on providing the best quality at the best value for money with a broad selection of products at everyday low prices. Carrefour products aim to satisfy the needs of as many people as possible refining their offering to… Read More »

Beef Ribeye Steak | Malta

beef Ribeye | Malta | In House Butchers at Park Towers Supermarkets

About Beef Ribeye Steak | Malta Ribeye steak is probably one of the tastiest cuts of beef with many people preferring it to other beef cuts including fillet. In Australia and New Zealand in fact people refer to ribeye steak as Scotch Fillet. Ribeye steak gets it’s name due to being a cut taken from… Read More »

Spring Mattress | Malta

spring mattress malta

About Spring Mattresses | Malta Spring mattresses are the most common mattresses around, there are many types of spring mattresses varying in quality and comfort as well as price. The difference in price is normally relative to a number of different factors; most notably, the quality of the wire used for the spring coils including… Read More »

Orthopedic Mattress | Malta

orthopeadic mattress, Malta, Vitafoam Ltd,

About Orthopedic Mattresses | Malta Orthopedic mattresses, are mattresses designed to help prevent and correct problems that affect bones and muscles. Orthopedic mattresses can be found in a wide variety of sizes. Small Single bed Orthopedic Mattress Single bed Orthopedic Mattress Small Double bed Orthopedic Mattress Double bed Orthopedic Mattress Queen size Orthopedic Mattress King… Read More »