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Omelettes | Malta

About Omelettes | Malta

An omelette is a healthy way to get a good dose of protein into your breakfast, which will keep you full and energetic throughout the day

Omelettes, like scrambled eggs, are a very quick breakfast item that take mere minutes to have ready and on the table. The benefit is that they’re nutritious, full of protein, and customizable. So you can make your omelette even healthier with the addition of mushrooms, spinach or other vegetables. Add some extra flavor by sprinkling some grated cheese on top!

An omelette is a dish made first beating 1 or 2 eggs briskly in a bowl (you can add milk or water, or leave it pure), then cooked quickly in a frying pan with butter. Any toppings or fillings are sprinkled on top while the top is still runny, and the omelette is folded over onto itself to encase the fillings. Whisking the egg whites with a small amount of cream or milk helps to obtain a fluffier texture and make the omelette have more volume, but if you’re adding many fillings, a thinner casing may be easier to fold over.

The only downside to an omelette is that it needs to be made individually – if you are cooking for more than 2 people, you’ll need to be using multiple pans at once. If you’re cooking for a large group of people, consider making a frittata instead – which can be cooked ahead of time and cut into individual slices.

When making omelettes, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can add sautéed baby potatoes, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, cheese, chives, etc. You can also go in the other direction and make a dessert omelette – this sweetened version is more like an easy hassle free soufflé that can be filled with fruit, custard, chocolate, and can be topped with powdered sugar or honey, depending on how decadent you feel.

Below you will find recipes for omelettes, that include in depth directions on making the perfect omelette.  

Omelette Recipes:

Where to buy Omelette ingredients in Malta

You can buy all the freshest ingredients required to make an omelette at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera, including fresh eggs, milk, butter, cream, vegetables and various deli items. For an extra special dessert breakfast, you can make a sweet omelette and add toppings such as honey, Nutella, fruit and whipped cream.

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