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Octopus | Malta

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About Octopus

It is found in tropical and moderate water around the world. They can grow to 1.3 m and weigh up to 10 kg. The octopus is considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Like a chameleon, octopus can match itself to the colours and patterns and textures of the surroundings so predators like sharks, eels and dolphins swim by without noticing the camouflage.

Nutritional value of Octopus

Adding Octopus to your diet is very beneficial and healthy, here are some of the benefits:
– Octopus has Vitamin B12 for making red blood cells and helps your body use fatty acids.
– Selenium is an important nutrient because it aids in cellular growth, boosts immune function and works with vitamin E as an antioxidant.
– Adding octopus to your diet adds the iron intake helping to keep the immune system healthy and also helps in brain development.
– Vitamin B6 is important for mental health, helps produce insulin, antibodies and hemoglobin.
Whilst octopus does have a number of health benefits, like most rich foods it is best eaten in moderation.

Cooking Methods of Octopus

Octopus should be slow cooked so the meat becomes tender. It is quite easy to cook, it can be boiled served with rice, a side salad or it is also enjoyable on its own. Another way of cooking octopus is grilled which can be served with olive oil, lemon juice and parsley to make it a more flavorable dish. It goes with a variety of other foods like pasta or cold salads and many more dishes.

Where to buy Octopus in Malta

You can buy Octopus in Malta at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera, as well as many other fresh products, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and anything else you may need. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of different brands and fresh foods, so there’s always something for everyone.

Park Towers host a “Tropical Week” once every year, where tropical fruits and related products are cheaper, while still being as fresh as you have come to expect from Park Towers.

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Image Credit of Octopus – www.fish4tomorrow.com