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Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service and Recharge | Malta

Auto Air Conditioning Service and Recharge | Malta

Mobile car Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

This service allows automotive air-conditioning experts to come to you and service your car at your own convenience. It is done in a reasonable time and is cost-effective. The re-gassing process and servicing ensures that your car keeps the air-conditioning refrigerant for longer.

How Cars Run Out of Air-Conditioning Gases

Cars run out of air-conditioning refrigerant. This happens when the air-conditioning unit for a car is not used for a long period of time. An internal component (usually a seal) will dry up and crack. This crack will result in the loss of refrigerant and can permit other problems to arise, like leaks. If your air-conditioning unit starts to develop leaks, it can become very expensive to repair as extensive repairs will have to be done.

What is Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service and Recharge ?

This service is supplied to you by professionals, who have been working in this business for a long time. It basically allows these professionals to come up to your house or workplace and service your car’s air-conditioning system, while you go about your busy day. This convenient service is also quite thorough and consists of a manual check, draining your old refrigerant, vacuum-testing it, and refilling your air-conditioning unit with new refrigerant. All this is done at your own convenience and you will not have to wait at garages or service centers like you would have had to in the past.

Benefits of Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

There are plenty of benefits to a service which is tailor made to suit your needs. Some benefits of this service can be seen below :

  • Convenience
  • Reasonable in Price
  • No More Waiting in Queues
  • Can Be Done Anywhere
  • Short Servicing-Time
  • Thorough Checking of A/C System

How Fast is Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

The whole process can last about an hour. It is split up into many stages, some of which are; the checking process, the vacuuming process, moisture removal, refilling and testing. Different sized cars will need different amounts of gas and this can vary the time taken of the service by either increasing it or decreasing it. It can be done in less time, but it is not advisable because this can lead to damaging your A/C system due to improper procedures.

How Does a Car’s A/C Unit Work ?

Car’s A/C systems work in a similar way to that of a fridge. A refrigerant is pumped through pipes by means of a compressor and as this gas is passed through , it absorbs the heat from it’s surroundings. It loses this heat when it reaches the other end of the closed piping circuit due to lack of pressure. As the cycle restarts, the gas is re-compressed and starts regaining heat from the surrounding environment and so on.