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Mechanical Services | Malta

About Mechanical Services | Malta

Mechanical Services

Mechanical services are services which provide for the needs of mechanical components within a business or industry. These services fall under 3 main categories:

  • Construction
  • Design
  • Repair

Some companies specialize in building systems, specific to their client’s needs. Others provide repairs to the installed machinery, with constant monitoring and efficient repairs to minimize down-time of service. A third kind of company also provide professional advice by means of consultation on anything ranging from needs of small businesses to larger industrial requirements.

Different Types of Mechanical Services

Mechanical services can range from the simple maintenance of a machine, to the entire planning and installation process of a whole factory. Below, you can find a few different types of mechanical services, provided by companies with vast experience in their respective fields.

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)This can be beneficial to you because of the ingenuity of the service provided by company, in terms of easy accessibility and quick maintenance. A main control panel can be used achieve this by keeping temperatures constant both high or low, in individual areas. These services also aim to optimize the work-space available by cooling/heating with the utmost energy-efficiency, as well as low down-times while servicing or repairing the machines on the premises.
  • Plumbing ServicesPlumbing is an important factor in the smooth running of any industry or office. These services aim to provide you with clean drinking water and reliable drainage systems, ensuring comfort and productivity of both human and machine alike. The services also include the professional design of the plumbing itself, which will provide you with simple maintenance, better long-lasting products and ease of access when maintenance is due.
  • Lift Installation, Maintenance and RepairsLifts help keep customers comfortable. With that in mind, certain companies offer the possibilities of installing an elevator or escalator on your premises. These services come with constant monitoring of the product in question and give you the added benefit of very swift after-sales servicing and professional help from the company’s staff. On-site repairing is also provided by most companies.
  • Industrial and Commercial InstallationsInstallation of new machinery is something certain companies excel at. Their services help you by being designed to cut down on down-time and also are aimed at bringing your business back up and running within a reasonable time frame. Maintenance to these newly-installed or previously-installed machines is invaluable to you, because their efficiency, productivity and smooth functioning is vital to the perfect running of a factory, regardless of it’s size. Some companies can provide excellent qualified technicians who will ensure your machine’s stable productivity and long-lasting service.

Where to find Mechanical Services in Malta

You can find mechanical services in Malta at Ray Aquilina Installations Co.Ltd.(RAICO) in Attard. The company also offers plenty of other services related to large-scale projects and cater to client’s needs in an extremely professional way.

Ray Aquilina Installations Co.Ltd.(RAICO) | Attard | Malta

Mechanical Services