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Prenatal and infant massage

By Stephanie

Pregnant Baby Massage Cover
There is a mountain of evidence supporting massages as a holistic treatment that can be used alongside traditional medicine to improve results, and there are many different massages that deal with specific aliments, these include massages specifically to help with pregnant women and newborn babies. A pregnant woman’s body goes through a lot of stress during pregnancy and these special massages can greatly improve her comfort and health, which in turn improves the health of her baby. For newborns during such a key developmental phase, these unique massages help alleviate stress the newborn is facing, which can stunt growth, as well as make them feel more connected to their parents. Pregnancy massages should always be done by someone who is properly licensed such as Stephanie Borg. The newborn massage is very gentle and is at first taught to parents by a licensed expert. Should any problems arise make sure you consult a doctor.

About Stephanie Borg (SRN)

Stephanie Borg is a highly qualified Holistic, Beauty Therapist and registered nurse who specializes in combining her in-depth knowledge of nursing with her many types of holistic massages to produce superior results for her clients. Stephanie Borg has a qualified CIBTAC degree in massage which covers Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Beauty Therapy. She is further qualified in Raynor Massages, which cover Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage. In addition she holds certificates in Reiki (level 1 & 2), Indian Head Massage, Seated Head and Shoulder Massage, Cupping Massage, Chinese Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Ear Candling. Her degrees also cover baby massages as well as pregnancy massages making her highly qualified to not only give these massages but also use her nursing knowledge to find the cause of your issue and administer her massages in the most effective way while educating her clients. This is especially important with the baby massage as the parents must learn how to do it exactly right to get the benefits out of giving their child a massage themselves.

Can a Massage Be Done On Pregnant Women and Infants?

Connecting With Your Baby Stephanie Borg
The answer is without a doubt yes. You have to keep in mind that these massages are done specifically for infants and pregnant women and take into consideration their unique needs and problems. There are also aromatic oils used together with the massages to further create specific healing effects. With prenatal massages, special pillows are placed to support the baby and not interfere with its growth. With children the special massage can even be used on newborn and parents are in fact encouraged to do so. However before embarking on these massages make sure you check with your doctor first, especially if you have any prior medical issues.

What are the Benefits of Prenatal Massage?

Benefitsof Prenatal Massage Stephanie Borg
Pregnancy is a time of many changes for the woman. Physically, the posture and center of gravity changes as the baby grows and can lead to many problems and unnecessary stress on top of the hormonal changes women go through. Prenatal massages target these problems specifically, and target stress in the body. A University of Miami research study showed that prenatal massages help with:

• Reducing anxiety
• Help sleep
• Helps back pain and foot-muscle tension
• Helps promote circulation and eliminate toxins the body does not want, making it excellent for swelling
• Helps the flexibility of skin due to the massage movement and has been shown to help stretch marks
• Helps the mother with less stress during delivery and after (post natal depression) and an easier delivery in general

When Can You Begin Prenatal Massages?

When can a prenatal massage be done
While prenatal massages can start at any time, it is preferred to only start after three months as that is the period when the most dramatic changes in the body occurs. This also lets the woman know if she has any medical conditions that mean prenatal massage should be avoided. These include hyperemisis, constant headaches, pre-eclampsia and those whose doctors have warned them are of risk of pre-term pregnancy or at risk of a miscarriage.

What are the Oils Used During Massages?

Aromatherapy During Pregnancy
Aromatherapy essential oils can help not only during pregnancy, but also during labour and delivery. These oils are truly the simplest form of comfort measures during pregnancy and birth as they can be used for massage or as an inhalation.
• Lavender: A versatile oil that can be used throughout the entire pregnancy. Help to thaw muscle tension and promote relaxation. If a woman is having a water birth, drops of lavender oil can be added to the water as well as it is safe for the baby.
• Frankincense: Can be used during labour. It helps to relax the emotions of a woman. It can be used both as a “diffuser as well as a massage on the belly or lower back side.
• Peppermint: The smell of peppermint can be used to reduce nausea during pregnancy.
• Clary Sage: Helps accelerate contractions.
• Rose: Helps relax and soften ligaments, thus making it easier to open and pelvis to give birth. It can be applied as a massage on the belly or lower back side.
• Jasmine and Geranium: oils which give feelings of joy, peace and confidence, so the woman feels less discomfort during delivery.

What is a Baby Massage and what are its Benefits?

What Is A Baby Massage
A Baby is born with the need to be loved – and never outgrows it.

The baby massage is much more than just a simple massage as we know it. It also acts as an avenue of communication between parents and their newborn before the child can fully comprehend speech. These massages act to build trust as the baby feels that its parents are directly making it feel less stressed and more comfortable. This makes baby massages and excellent way for new parents to get more comfortable with handling their child. It has also been shown to help with cases of post natal depression and to build a stronger bond between the baby and both parents. Besides this, the physical benefits to the baby are that of helping with appetite, any gas/constipation pain, and a reduction in stress to allow more restful and unbroken sleep.
baby benefits

How should a Baby Massage be Given?

Kangaroo Mother Care Stephanie Borg
The best time to do the massage is after a bath and not when the baby is crying and is already irritated. It’s important to remove rings or bracelets while doing the massage to avoid injuring the baby. The KMC (kangaroo mother care) position is very good for massages and a newborn’s health. The first method used was started in 1978 in Colombia. The method involves placing the baby on the mother or father’s breasts, skin to skin. This especially benefit babies born very prematurely (as it helps to regulate the temperature of their bodies and regulate breathing), helps to establish breast feeding and with KMC you give your child continuous contact and the baby feels relaxed as if still in the womb. While in this position, the mother or father can do gentle massage on the baby’s back.

What are the Massage Movements?

Baby Massage Stephanie Borg
For the first massage, the parents should take their baby to a licensed therapist so that they can be shown the proper movement. The therapist will check if the child suffers from anything and then show the parents exactly what the movements should be so that they can do it themselves. Each massage should last about 10-15 minutes.

Massage should not be done if:
• The baby has a fever
• Has a rash
• Has some inflammation
• Gastroenteritis
• After feeding because of digestion
• When the baby is hungry
• Up to 24 hours after taking the vaccine



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