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Last Minute Christmas Spirits

Great Value, Top Quality Spirits at Park Towers

Christmas Spirit at Park Towers supermarkets
Looking for last minute spirits to top up for the season? need to buy a quick gift for someone you forgot about? We know the feeling which is why we have prepared a list with a few ideas! Remember this December when shopping at Park Towers Supermarkets all Spirits are in the 10% Cashback scheme!

Clan Mac Gregor Irish Whiskey

Clan mc Gregor Irish Whiskey
The Scots know their Whiskey; which is why it is no surprise that this Blended Scotch Whiskey is a great christmas spirit both as a gift as well as for guests and most importantly of all yourself. With 10% cashback you just can’t go wrong!

White Horse Whiskey

White horse whiskey
Another great blended Scotch Whiskey a favorite with New York Yankee’s then manager Joe McCarthy. This whiskey hails from Edinburgh; you may have heard the saying “Riding the White Horse” well now you know where to get one. White Horse Whiskey is stocked at Park Towers Supermarkets and is also part of the 10% Cashback scheme.

Jack Daniel’s Whisky

Jack Daniels Whisky
Good old Jack Daniel’s has been around since 1866; Jack Daniel’s (Jasper Newton) was one of 13 children and ran away at a young age. Jack was taken in by a local lay preacher and moonshine distiller named Dan Call and began learning the distilling trade as a teenager from Call and Call’s slave Nearest Green. It is there that the seeds were sown for what would eventually become Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. The brand has a long history and there is also quite an interesting autobiography but what matters most is that this delicious whiskey is part of the 10% cashback scheme at Park Towers Supermarkets and waiting to be picked up by you!

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Another favourite in Malta and with good reason. Jameson whiskey is a traditional Irish Whisky made the Irish way, having a distinct flavour that differs from a Scottish whiskey and having won numerous awards Jameson whiskey is a must have. This year Jameson Whiskey is also part of the 10% cashback scheme and available at Park Towers Supermarkets in Malta.

More Christmas Spirits at Park Towers Supermarkets

Christmas Spirit at Park Towers
This December at Park Towers Supermarkets you can get 10% Cashback vouchers on ALL Spirits! Not just the one’s listed in this article. You know that Park Towers stocks a wide variety of Spirits many more than are listed here. Smirnoff for example will also give you 10% Cashback as will J&B, Chivas, Absolut and many more!

Where to get Last Minute Christmas Spirits in Malta

You can find a wide variety of Spirits at Park Towers all year round at competitive prices and accompanied by an amazing shopping experience. Remember for fresh products, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and anything else you may need. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of different brands and fresh foods, so there’s always something for everyone.

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