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Amabile Galea & Sons

Amabile Galea & Sons Ironwork
Iron is a popular building material in Malta thanks to its strong durability and the appealing designs that can be created from it. Iron can be used in a variety of different products such as balconies, guard railings, stairs and frames. Iron is one of the most well known building materials and we see it in construction every day, a testament to its sturdiness. With high quality ironworks you can give your house character and be sure that it will not fall apart any time soon!

About Amabile Galea & Sons

Amabile Galea & Sons is located in Birgu and specialises in the construction of aluminium and metal works, including iron and steel. They are able to create a wide variety of products for their customers from doors, windows, stairs to railings and balconies – all to their client’s tastes and specifications. A free quote is included and work can be done on all kinds of premises, be they residential or commercial. You can trust that you will receive only a top quality finished product.


amibile galea & sons ironwork staircase
Iron is a perfect material for staircases as it provides you with stability and the ability handle the weight of the stairs and people walking on them. Not only this but high quality iron work will give your staircases a unique old world look of character that will stand the test of time.


Iron Balconies
You can find examples of ironwork in balconies all across Malta, many with beautiful and traditional designs. Iron is an appealing material for balconies as it is very sturdy and reliable, can support a large amount of weight and isn’t brittle – so it won’t break easily! On top of that, adding iron to your balcony is a great way to accent your home with a very traditional character, especially if you opt for unique designs in the ironwork.


Iron Guardrails
Iron is a logical pairing for many of the same reasons that they work with balconies. Iron is a very sturdy material that is not easily broken or bent, which makes it perfect in areas where safety is crucial. On top of that if the guard railing is indoors, you won’t have to worry about any rusting or corrosion. Iron continues to be used throughout homes in Malta for this very reason, it is a reliable material perfect for areas where you are worried about potential injuries, while adding a touch of traditional character.

Contact Amibile Galea & Sons

A: 34, Triq it-Torri San Gwann, Birgu, BRG 1116
E: amabileg@onvol.net
T: 21 824 287

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