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Haircuts | Malta

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Haircuts Malta

Haircuts have been a way of taming unruly hair since the dawn of time. Some people can do
it on their own, others prefer visiting qualified stylists and some aren’t all too bothered
about the appearance of their hair at all. Irrespective of your mindset though, at some
point in your life, you most definitely have been asked the question,”When are you going to
get a haircut?”

Haircuts fall under 3 categories :

– Practical cuts – Suited mostly to professional people, who work in businesses where
cleanliness and neatness are favored above self expression by means of flamboyant style
and impracticality.
– Fashionable do’s – Whether it’s a different colour every week, or even shaved off on one
side, fashionable haircuts take on many a different form. They mostly follow fashion fads
and trends and the people sporting them are meticulous in the upkeep and care of their
– In-Betweeners – These haircuts are a safe blend of both style and practicality. They
express one’s style without being overly attention-grabbing.

How Does One Learn How To Cut Hair ?

You can either teach yourself, by practice, trial and error. The safer option however would
be the various courses that are available in hair-dressing schools, which will teach you
how to properly cut hair. They will also teach you to listen to what a client is telling
you and how to read and match the client to the hairstyle which will fit his character. It
also helps you keep up to date with old and current hairstyles and teaches you how to cut a
wide variety of hair-types. It also teaches you which products to use when cutting hair,
which tools and the proper way of implementing all you’ve learned to provide an excellent

Hair-care is also an important part of the course, as it teaches you the “do’s and don’t”s
of proper hair health, as well as keeping your client happy with the service being provided
and the way it’s provided.

Fashion Trends and Fads

There have been many fashion trends and fads in the world of hair cuts, some of which would
be seen as odd nowadays. In their time however, each trend was as popular as the last. Some
examples of hair-cut trends are :

– Short hair : in the 1920’s, the trend was to have really short hair. The black bob was a
massive success, especially among the young girls. The hairstyle’s inspiration had it’s
roots in the short story, written by by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Story was entitled
“Bernice Bobs Her Hair”. It spoke about girl who was socially isolated and who bobbed her
hair. As a result, a new type of haircut was born.

– Crimping : Crimping hair became a big hair-cut style in the 1980’s. Crimping irons were
overly-used and in combination with a lot of backcombing, produces some very big hair-styles
for both females and males.

– Infinite Possibilities : Nowadays (year 2000+), anything goes and there is no fixed
hair-cut preferred by any particular individual. That’s due to the fact that fashion has
become very diverse and as a direct result, hair-cuts have taken a different turn and
become a statement, rather than a fad.

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