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Gouda Cheese | Malta

About Gouda Cheese | Malta


Gouda in Malta is a common cheese, with a very uncommon taste. The earliest mention of Gouda cheese dates back to 1184. This fact alone, makes it one of the oldest recorded cheeses in the world. It is still made today and appreciated by many a cheese enthusiast.

The cheese is aptly named after the Dutch city of Gouda. It is not because the city was it’s primary production site, but rather the fact that it was traded in large quantities over there. Gouda obtained the sole rights to sell it’s farmer-produced Gouda cheese in a market, specially designed for the farmers themselves. All the cheeses in Gouda would be laid onto the market square with the intention of selling.

Different Maturities of Gouda

Gouda has a large variety of stages (or maturities). Most Dutch cheese makers, make use of six categories to classify the cheese effectively.

These classifications are:

  • Young cheese
  • 4 weeks old

  • Young matured
  • 8-10 weeks old

  • Matured
  • 16-18 weeks old

  • Extra matured
  • 7-8 months old

  • Old cheese
  • 10-12 months old

  • Very old cheese
  • 12 months+ old

It is good to note that, as it ages, it develops a sweetness akin to that of caramel. It also develops a slight crunchiness, which comes from the “cheese crystals” forming, due to the age of the cheese itself.

How Gouda’s Made

Gouda cheese, is not really a cheese in itself. It is actually, a method of making cheese. The taste depends very heavily on the time given for the cheese to mature .

After rennet has been added to the milk and the milk has been drained from most of the whey, water is added in a process known as “washing the curd”. This method creates a sweet taste because the water itself, washes away a chemical responsible for an acidic taste in the cheese. The curds are then put into specific molds and are left there for hours. The molds are specific because they give the cheese it’s traditional shape. The cheese is then dipped into a brine solution and left to dry, giving both it’s rind and the cheese itself a very particular taste. The cheese is also coated in a yellow chemical, which leaves it fresh and moist. It is then aged appropriately.

Gouda in Food

  • As a sauce:
  • Smoked Gouda Sauce, is a lovely sauce which is both cheesy and smokey in flavor. Goes well with potatoes, meats and pasta.

  • As Part of a Cheese Platter:
  • It can be enjoyed as part of a wide variety of different cheeses, made by different countries. It stands out due to it’s sweet flavor.

Where to buy Gouda in Malta

You can buy Gouda products in Malta at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera, as well as many other fresh products, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and anything else you may need. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of different brands and fresh foods, so there’s always something for everyone.

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