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Gluten Free Cake | Malta

About Gluten Free Cake | Malta

Gluten free cakes are a great substitute for gluten intolerant individuals with a sweet tooth

Individuals with gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease with a sweet tooth used to just have to deal with the knowledge that cakes where out of the question, given their heavy reliable on wheat flour. Nowadays, many companies are producing delicious gluten free cakes that are perfect for the gluten intolerant individual with a sweet tooth! 

But what is gluten free food? Gluten free food is food that does not contain any gluten, which is found in most grains such as wheat, semolina, barley, etc. Since a large portion of the food we consume contains wheat and other grains (usually in the form of flour), going gluten free used to be very difficult, but is becoming increasingly easier as more and more supermarkets offer gluten free ranges. To learn more about gluten-free food and why someone would go gluten free, click here.

You may find that your local supermarket stocks gluten free ready made cakes (such as marble cake, sponge cake, chocolate cake), and a variety of boxed cake mixes from companies such as Betty Crocker. The selection is increasing as more and more people are being diagnosed as gluten intolerant, but at the moment you may find the selection to still be limited.

However, the options for gluten free cakes that you can bake yourself are limited only by your imagination and baking ability! Just about any cake that can be made with regular flour can also be made gluten free, utilizing a substitute for wheat flour.

Some grain substitutes that you can use for flour include: 

  • amaranth
  • arrowroot
  • buckwheat
  • cassava
  • millet
  • quinoa
  • rice
  • sorghum
  • tapioca
  • And many more!

You may also find flour that is labeled ‘gluten free’ in the baking aisle, both in all purpose and self rising varieties. This flour is a mixture of the above grain substitutes, ground together to make an ideal flour substitute. However, if you cannot find any ready made gluten free flour, or would like to experiment with the various flavors these substitutes have, you can make any of these into flour by passing through a food processor until they have reached your desired level of fineness.

Many gluten free cakes also utilize almond meal, which is finely ground almonds,  to replace part (or all) of the flour, imparting a delicious familiar flavor to the cakes. Another benefit of using ground almonds instead of flour is the protein boost you’ll be adding to your cakes!

If you are an avid baker and would like to try your hand at making gluten free cakes, you will find the ingredients necessary at a reputable supermarket. Whilst many gluten free cake recipes call for the addition of guar gum or xantham gum to help the batter rise, many gluten free bakers and cooks have found simpler alternatives that work just as well, or even better. There are also plenty of flour-less cake recipes (such as this deliciously decadent flour-less chocolate cake)

To browse through a variety of gluten free cake recipes, click here

If you are unsure as to what grains contain gluten, please click here for a complete list.

If you’re also interested in gluten free biscuits, check out our Gluten Free Biscuits page for more information


Where to buy Gluten Free Cake in Malta

You can buy gluten free food at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera. Park Towers not only stocks  gluten free foods that are substitutes for your favorite grain products (including cookies, biscuits, pastas, and many more), but they also stock the ingredients required for baking/cooking gluten free cakes. Carrefour has a specially dedicated gluten free range, which can be easily identified by the crossed-out grain symbol, but Park Towers Supermarkets also stocks gluten free foods by many beloved brands.


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