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General Hardware Supplies in Malta

General Hardware Goods for the Marine and Construction Industries and Ironmongers

Specific industries require specific supplies. Whether you’re working in the construction industry, the marine industry, or are an ironmonger, it helps to know what tools are available for you on the market to successfully and efficiently meet your needs. Quality products that are safe to use and affordable are a plus for any industry. Read on to see what’s available for you.

Wheels and Castors – Selecting the most appropriate.

Various types of wheels are available. These are made with different materials that offer distinct properties and specifications according to their end use, and operation. Wheels are available in Nylon, Polyproplene, Black rubber, Blue rubber, Grey rubber, Elastic Rubber, Injection-moulded, Cast Polyurethane, Pneumatic Wheels, Cast Iron, and Phenolic Resin. Your selection will depend on the load capacity required, the resistance needed, and environmental conditions. When it comes to chemical resistance, having exhaustive information on the conditions that the castor or wheels will be exposed to is imperative in identifying the most appropriate item for the job.

Determining the Load Capacity of Wheels and Castors

Several factors need to be taken into account when determining the number of castors or wheels required for the job. These include: unloaded weight, maximum load, number of castors or wheels, and working conditions. Working conditions, including the floor surface and environmental conditions are important elements to take into account when calculating load capacity. Generally, the required load capacity of a castor or wheel is defined by:

C= P+MxS/N

Where C is the required load capacity of the castor or wheel; P is the dead weight of the transit unit; M is the maximum additional load; N the number of castor or wheels; and S the safety factor.

Sirvex – supplier of wheels and castors

Sirvex is a leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of castors and wheels. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Sirvex provides industrial transport, furniture, and scaffolding, and twin lex castors. Castors for institutional applications, castors with pneumatic tyres, and wheels and rollers; as well as medium and heavy duty, stainless steel, and standard castors for hotels and canteens are also supplied by the company. If you are looking for pneumatic tyred wheels, and decorative castors or wheels, these are also provided by Sirvex. The company offers over 5000 castors and wheels types.

Wire brushes – choosing the most suitable wire for your brush

Generally, the most common wires used for brushes are brass coated high strength steel (crimped brushes) and grey steel (twist knot brushes). Other options include stainless steel, brass coated steel, brass, steel, abrasive nylon, and cable crimped wire. In selecting the most suitable wire, the pull strength, and resistance to corrosion should be considered. Each of these materials has specific applications. For instance, brass coated steel has a high pull strength when compared to stainless steel or brass.

Stainless Steel

This is best for brushing on stainless steel, aluminium or non-ferrous metals. Stainless steel is slightly magnetic.

Brass Coated Steel

Brass coated steel offers flexibility and high performance and is protected against rust. Whilst not suitable for stainless surfaces, it can provide a wide range of finishes.


Steel has a high removal capacity. It is suitable for twisted knot wire brushes but not suitable for stainless surfaces.


Brass does not produce sparks and is ideal for fine finishes on non-ferrous materials.

Cable crimped wire brass coated steel

This material is flexible, compact and aggressive.

Choosing the most suitable brush

When choosing a brush, the type of finish you want to achieve as well as the type of material to be brushed, and the machine to be used and its speed, should be kept in mind. In the case of machine use, the maximum permitted diameter, the rotational speed and the characteristics of the arbor should be known. In terms of thickness, the thicker the wire, the more coarse the brushing is with faster cutting. A fine wire on the other hand, gives a smoother finish. Having a long trim results in a flexible brush, allowing uniformity to be achieved even on irregular surfaces, whilst a shorter trim gives greater removing capacity. Crimped brushes are more flexible and thus more suitable for irregular surfaces, giving a more regular and fine finish. Knotted or twisted wire give the brush a longer lasting and high removing capacity, but the finish is coarser. Abrasive Nylon brushes in turn get into areas that are difficult to access, avoiding distortion and breakage, hence prolonging its life. Cable crimped wire brushes provide 50% more life as they have greater resistance to fatigue due to bending. This type of wire is also more flexible in that it adapts to irregularities in the surface to be brushed.


Based in Spain, FECIN is the expert in the manufacturing of wire brushes. Based on your needs, the company strives to meet all requirements in the development of the brush design, providing made to measure brushes.

Tools for the Building Industry

Hand tools such as levels, laser products, layout, marking and measuring tools, as well as files and rasps, and sealing products are a must in a number of industries, including construction and marine. So are power tool accessories, and cutting and grinding tools. Identifying the job and the tools that meet its specifications is a must for a task well done.


Rex tools are known for their quality and reliability in working with stone, concrete, wood and metal. The company develops and delivers a wide range of tools for working with these materials and their customers are mainly professionals in construction and other related businesses. Their product range includes hand tools, powertool accessories, electronic article surveillance, library solutions and Gunnebo Access Control Systems.

Professional Tools for the construction industry

Working in the construction, marine or similar industries requires use of these tools:

    • screwdrivers and bits
    • wrenches, sockets and other accessories
    • pneumatics tools
    • spray guns
    • adjustable wrenches, pliers, and princers
    • claw, stonning, and chipping hammers
    • bolts cutters, trowels, and hand riveter
    • drills and hacksaw frames
    • flaps discs, sandpapers, saw blades,
    • Abrasive and diamond wheels
    • Wire brushes
    • Measuring and marking tools
    • Prunning shears, saw, axes and spray nozzles.
    • Padlocks and cutters
    • Tools bags
    • Tool exhibitors


As a company, MOTA is exclusively focused on manufacturing professional tools. Through the years, they have developed technically reliable products at competitive prices, offering a lifetime guarantee in hand tools. The aforementioned list is all available by MOTA.

Contact the Expert Suppliers of General Hardware in Malta

A Ferriggi Importers and Distributors have been serving the construction industry, marine industry and ironmongers in Malta for many years. As suppliers for SIRVEX, FECIN, Rex and MOTA, A Ferriggi offer a personalised service to assist their clients in choosing the best equipment possible, with special rates provided to building contractors and similar entities. With years of experience in this industry, A Ferriggi strives to provide you with only the best in general hardware supplies, whilst ensuring that all safety requirements are met.

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