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Gas Heater | Malta

About Gas Heaters | Malta

Gas Heaters in Malta are both an efficient and cost effective method of heating a house during the brief winter season

Gas heaters are the most common form of indoor heaters in Malta, since the moderate climate and long summers rarely require the house to be heated up. Electric heaters, particularly fan heaters, are gaining popularity since they can be bought much cheaper than a high quality gas heater – however their electricity usage is very high. Those looking to save on their electricity bill should avoid electric fan heaters.

Portable gas heaters have the advantage of being on caster wheels, allowing them to be wheeled over to any room or space you require them in. They’re also capable of heating up an open plan space or large room more effectively than an electric heater. Gas heaters burn either natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane or butane.

There are two main types of gas heaters: vented or unvented. Vented gas heaters have a flue (like a fireplace flue) for the emissions to go out from, and are permanent installations, and unvented do not. Since in Malta the most common type of gas heater is portable, they are unvented, and it is recommended that they are only used in rooms with good ventilation. Gas heaters produce small amounts of Carbon Monoxide while burning gas, and in a small unventilated room, the Carbon Monoxide could accumulate and cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This is more a concern with older/damaged portable gas heaters, so always be sure your gas heater is in peak condition.

If you are looking to heat a small child’s room during a few of the colder winter nights, it is preferable to use an electric heater that switches itself off once a certain temperature has been reached.

There are variations in types of portable gas heaters, which also vary in price. A good quality gas heater should have the ability to be set to different levels of heat, and switch off once a certain temperature is reached. There should also be an adequate grate in-front of it to prevent small children and pets from burning themselves.

For optimal safety –

  • Never leave a gas heater unattended
  • Keep small children and animals away
  • Switch off at night before going to sleep
  • Replace if seems damaged or broken

Portable gas heaters use gas cylinders as their fuel source, which needs frequent replacing if you are using your gas heater frequently. Whilst this is inconvenient, there are many places in Malta to buy gas cylinders – including some local grocers, and there are trucks that pass by different localities to sell gas cylinders as well. 

Where to buy a Gas Heater in Malta

If you’re looking to buy a gas heater in Malta, please feel free to consult All Malta Online’s list of trusted appliance providers who will be able to supply you with a variety of different gas heaters, of differing styles and prices, to suit your needs. View All Malta Online here

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