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Frozen Vegetables | Malta

About Frozen Vegetables | Malta

Fresh Frozen Vegetables are available all year round from Park Towers Supermarkets

Frozen vegetables are a common item in most people’s freezers, and with good reason! Many different vegetables (and fruits) can be found in supermarket freezers in convenient frozen packets.

Frozen vegetables can be a great alternative to fresh vegetables (learn more about fresh vegetables here) – in many cases, they contain more vitamins and minerals and are more nutritious than fresh vegetables. This is especially true of imported vegetables, which is a good thing to keep in mind in Malta. Imported vegetables can lose up to 45% of their essential nutrients during their trip from the farm to your table (which, depending on the vegetable in question, can take up to 16 days). Pesticides, heat, cold, light and bruising all play a part in how fresh your fresh vegetables really are. Frozen vegetables are generally frozen right after being picked, so they are able to retain more of their nutrients.

Luckily, many vegetables are grown locally in Malta, so you’re able to have your fair share of fresh vegetables. However, fresh vegetables have specific seasons when they are in stock, and outside of those seasons, you will only be able to buy imported vegetables that are of lessor quality since they have been forced to grow outside of their usual season. This is when frozen vegetables really shine!

The variety of vegetables you are able to find frozen depends on the supermarket you visit, but you should expect to find: Broccoli (learn more about the benefits), cauliflower (learn more about the benefits), baby and regular carrots, onions, garlic, mushrooms (wild, button, etc), pumpkin, corn, artichokes, peas, green beans, spinach and many more!

Another good reason to stock up on frozen vegetables is the cost and convenience factors. Frozen vegetables frequently end up being much cheaper than fresh vegetables, especially in Malta for imported vegetables, and many can be found pre-sliced/chopped. Frozen minced garlic is always handy to have on hand to toss into a frying pan, as are sliced frozen carrots and chopped frozen mushrooms to throw into a soup.

There are also “mixed bags” of frozen vegetables, which will provide you with say, a bag of carrots, green beans and corn to toss in while you’re cooking, or a mix of typically Chinese vegetables for a stir fry, which would be expensive to buy individually.

The only real downside to frozen vegetables is if you enjoy the crunchy texture of vegetables. While many frozen vegetables retain their crunch factor (such as corn, green beans), some don’t (such as sliced carrots, spinach, asparagus). If you enjoy your asparagus and spinach just lightly cooked, you may not enjoy the frozen variety, which are more suited to longer cooking methods.

when buying frozen vegetables, it is wise to choose a reputable supermarket – because if they happen to unfreeze and get refrozen (due to an electrical fault, etc), they will become rubbery and tasteless as a result. A good supermarket will not place defrosted vegetables back into it’s freezers.

Where to buy frozen vegetables in Malta

You can buy frozen vegetables in Malta from Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of fresh frozen vegetables (and fruits), which includes cauliflower, broccoli, peas, corn, onion, garlic and many more all year round. Fresh frozen vegetables are long lasting and just as healthy as fresh vegetables – so they are a great alternative when your vegetable of choice is out of season. For reliable, high quality fresh frozen vegetables at great value for money, check out Park Towers Supermarket.

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