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Fresh Ricotta | Malta

About Fresh Ricotta | Malta


Ricotta is a type of Italian whey cheese made from sheep (or even cow) “milk whey”, which is left over from the production of other cheese.
Similar to other whey cheese, the ricotta is made by congealing keratin proteins remaining after cheese has been made. Ricotta is also safe to be consumed by people who are intolerant to certain proteins, like caesin.

Different Types of Ricotta

There are various types of ricotta available on the market. Each variant differs in taste and can be used in different recipes.

Some examples of ricotta are :

  • Ricotta Salata
  • This kind of ricotta is first pressed then salted and dried. It can also be aged according to what flavor the company is producing. It’s firm consistency and white color make it excellent for shaving and using as a topping to finish off a great dish.

  • Ricotta Infornata
  • Ricotta produced by placing large chunks of relatively soft ricotta in an oven until browned, is called Ricotta Infornata. This style of ricotta is quite popular in Sicily and can be referred to as “Ricotta al Forno” by locals.

  • Ricotta Affumicata
  • This ricotta is produced by placing soft ricotta in a smoker. The now smokey ricotta produces a gray crust and as a result of the wood used to stoke the fires, also acquires a subtle charred wood taste. Different mixtures of burning wood vary the taste accordingly.

  • Ricotta Forte
  • A ricotta which is produced from the remnants of any cow, sheep or goat milk ricotta.(It is also known as “Ricotta Scanta” by locals). These different ricottas are combined and left to ferment for about a year and are mixed every 2 to 3 days, preventing any growth of mold. This process produces a ricotta which is brown in color and has a paste-like texture. It also tastes quite spicy and has a pungent smell.

How Ricotta is Made

Ricotta is different to other cheeses. It is made out of a by-product formed when cheese is made , “Milk Whey”. The whey is boiled to a high temperature and a particular kind of acid is added to the solution, to help the curdling process along. The newly formed curd is a form of ricotta.

Differences in Maltese and Italian Ricotta

The manufacturing process of the Maltese version or ricotta involves cooking milk, rather than of milk whey and adding calcium chloride (a salt) to form a curd. The Italian version of ricotta differs greatly, because it is actually made out of the by-product of cheese making, rather than cooking milk. This by-product is called “milk whey”. the Italian variant is usually left for half a day to develop a certain acidity and is then boiled.

Ricotta in Food

In Main Courses:
Ricotta can be used as an ingredient in plenty of pasta dishes, to add an extra thick and creamy element to a sauce, or to accentuate certain flavors.

In Deserts:
Sugar can be added to ricotta to sweeten it and make it a delicious addition to pastries and baked goods.

Where to buy Ricotta in Malta

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