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Free Cooking lessons at Park Towers Supermarkets

Free Cooking Lessons in Malta

Cooking lesson Sushi
Food has always played a social role in people’s lives, bringing families and friends together at the dinner table. Food is not just a necessity but an experience; with the expansion of their St Venera outlet Park Towers Supermarkets now has an open kitchen area which is being put to good use in a number of ways. One of the ways in which this area is being used is to provide free cooking lessons for their clientele.

Bringing the foods available for purchase to life and also providing knowledge from experienced chefs to their clientele. The recipes vary in complexity offering both quick and easy solutions for when one might be in a rush to get something delicious on the table as well as more complex dishes that offer a challenge. The free cooking lessons also bring people together in their own special way; friendships are formed at the lessons. A few meters away from the open kitchen there is also a play area for children with both electronic entertainment as well as more traditional toys, books and drawing materials.

A varied diet is not only healthy but pleasurable; this is why at Park Towers the cooking lessons incorporate different cuisines for their clientele to experience. One of the recent cooking lessons for example was focused on Thai cuisine, whilst another was focused on making your very own fresh pasta.

Sushi was also on the menu so to speak as clients got their hands busy rolling little delicious parcels alongside the chef. More lessons will be done in the near future so if you missed out go ahead and make sure you are a fan of their Facebook page (which can be found below or by Clicking Here) to be kept up to date on offers and events at Park Towers Supermarkets.

What has been interesting to see is a mix of people taking part in these cooking lessons; young and old both enjoyed the experience as did male and female participants. The group sizes are small enough to allow for some individual attention which is also great to see.

Wine section at Park Towers St Venera

Park Towers Supermarkets
When discussing food it is inevitable that we also discuss delicious wines. Park Towers Supermarkets has an amazing wine selection in their wine section which is adjacent to the open kitchen where the cooking lessons are held. Beautifully displayed and easy to browse through you will find the perfect wine to accompany your food. If wine is not quite your thing you will also find a wide variety of your favorite beverages close by; from fruit juices to sodas and even more exotic drinks.

Park Towers Supermarkets looks forward to having you over to enjoy the experience!

Where to get Free Cooking Lessons in Malta

You can join in for the Free cooking lessons in Malta at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Venera by reaching out to them via Facebook or asking in store for more details and next available dates. Remember for fresh products, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and anything else you may need. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks a wide variety of different brands and fresh foods, so there’s always something for everyone.

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