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Traditional fireplaces are an uncommon touch in Maltese houses, appearing rarely but immediately adding a warm and cozy ambience to any room

A fireplace is a structure within a home designed to contain a fire. It is most frequently located in the living room/family room, although occasionally they are installed in other rooms such as dining room or main bedroom. Fireplaces have been used for many years, going back throughout history, where they were used for practical purposes such as heating, cooking, heating water for washing clothes or bathing. Originally, fireplaces where more ‘fire-pits’, as they were built being dug out of pits in the ground.

Nowadays, fireplaces are used mostly for visual effect and a relaxing atmosphere, as opposed to heating purposes. This is partly because of advances in heating technology, allowing us to use gas heaters and electric heaters, and partly because fireplaces are rather inefficient as heating devices. In Malta, the winter tends to be mild, not warranting the use of a fireplace except on a few exceptionally cold days.

There is also a concern about traditional fireplaces and their safety. Having an open flame, even if covered by a grate, is a big concern to those who have small children or enthusiastic pets at home, and the smoke given off as a result of burning wood or coal is also worrying to many people. Many organizations have suggested that traditional fireplaces pose a significant health risk to small children, individuals with weak immune systems and pregnant women – as smoke inhalation increases likelihood of upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses.

However, with proper installation and maintenance, the amount of smoke inhalation from a traditional fireplace should be minimal.

The same advances in heating technology that made fireplaces unnecessary have also allowed fireplace manufacturers to expand their ranges to include electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces and many more, allowing people to choose the type of fireplace that most makes sense in their home.

Wood and Coal fireplaces: The traditional fireplace, these require the use of wood or coal to be burnt to produce flames. The smoke and soot from these flames is then carried up a flue, and out of a chimney. This reduces the amount of smoke inhalation, but also reduces the efficiency  of the fireplace as a heating device. Many people enjoy the visual stimulation, as well as the nostalgic smell of a roaring fire. Can be a risk with small children and pets.

Electric fireplaces: Mimic the look of a wood/coal fire, but can be set to either work as a heating unit with displayed flames, or just the visual display with no heat. Great for hot countries, as well as safer than a real fire fireplace – but consumes electricity, as well as not being as realistic as real flames. Click here for more information

Gas fireplaces: A replacement for wood and coal fireplaces, this method produces a real fire with minimal effort and clean up. Instead of trying to get a fire started manually, a gas fireplace allows you to achieve a roaring flame with the click of a button (like on a gas stove). A cheaper alternative to electrical fireplaces, as well as cleaner than a wood fireplace, this type of fireplace still poses a safety unless you have a glass panel placed in front of it. In the beginning days of gas fireplaces, people complained about the flames produced looking unrealistically blue, and the “logs” not resembling wood. With advances in technology and ceramic logs molded from real wood logs, the flames now burn yellow and orange and flicker around to accurately mimic a traditional fire.

Ethanol fireplace: Like gas fireplaces, they produce real flames without any soot or smoke. They are also portable if you have a floor model, and don’t require a chimney. Ethanol fireplaces do not produce any harmful chemicals when burning, which may be a good option for those who want a real flame but have concerns about inhalation. Reliable and safe ethanol fireplaces are not cheap however, and it is advisable to stay away from cheap brands which may be unsafe and result in a house fire. Ethanol fireplaces do consume a lot of ethanol rather quickly, which you need to refill, so they are unable to be left on in the way electrical fireplaces are Like gas and electric fireplaces, they can have a glass panel in front of them for safety, and come in various shapes, sizes and styles.

With all the new options in fireplace technology, there’s a look and feel available that is perfect for anyone’s house.

Where to buy a Fireplace in Malta

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