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Feta Cheese | Malta

About Feta Cheese | Malta


Feta cheese is a delicacy here in Malta and the Maltese do love it. Feta is a brine(salt-water) soaked white-cheese, which is made in Greece. It is crumbly in consistency and is also aged. It is commonly shaped into blocks and has a grainy texture. Feta can be used both as table cheese, as well as in salads and certain pastries. It can be served with olive oil, olives and aromatic herbs or eaten plain. Furthermore it can be cooked or grilled, can be an ingredient of a sandwich or perhaps even substitute other cheeses in quite a number of dishes.

Different Types of Feta Cheese

There are an abundance of feta cheese styles available on the market. Some of these types can be seen below :

  • Greek Feta:
  • Made from a minimum of 70% sheep’s milk and often has goats’ milk added to it. It is salty, rich and creamy and although versions with more goat’s milk tend to be drier, all are tangy and a delight to eat.

  • Israeli Feta:
  • This cheese is bursting with flavor and is made from sheep’s milk. It is also creamy and not extremely salty .

  • American Feta:
  • This style of feta cheese is made with either sheep, goat or cow milk. it is a crumbly kind of cheese and is also quite tangy.

  • French Feta:
  • Feta made from sheep’s milk, left over from the production of another cheese, Roquefort. This cheese is mild and creamy. Another drier variant is also made in France, by using goat’s milk.

    How Feta Cheese is Made

    By tradition, feta is produced by only using whole sheep’s milk. The milk used can either be pasteurized or non-pasteurized, but most procedures nowadays use pasteurized milk, for health and safety reasons. Milk is cooled to about 35 Degrees Celsius and the chemical rennet is added. The mixture is left to congeal and once it does, the compact curds are cut and put in a special former. This allows the whey to drain and it may take for several hours. When the curd is firm enough, it is salted, cut and the curd is then placed in metal or wooden barrels. This varies depending on the area of Greece the Feta Cheese is being produced in. The curds are left to infuse for a number of days. The cheese is then dry-salted and aged (matured) in a brine solution. This process takes several weeks, keeping conditions stable and at room temperature. After, the cheese is left for a minimum of 2 months in a refrigerated environment, which is high in humidity. This process also takes place in either metal or wooden barrels, depending on who’s producing the cheese. It is good to note that, according to tradition, wooden barrels give the feta cheese a more distinct flavor.

    Feta Cheese in Food

  • As Part of a Salad:
  • A fresh green salad with tomatoes and feta cheese provides you with an excellently balanced taste.

  • As Part of a Cheese Platter:
  • The cheese can be enjoyed and fully appreciated by cheese connoisseurs around the world, as part of an enjoyable cheese platter.

    Where to buy Feta Cheese in Malta

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