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Electrical Services | Malta

About Electrical Services | Malta

Electrical Services

Electrical services are services which enable you to fit components which are vital to the delivery of electricity to your premises. These services can cater for domestic, as well as industrial and business needs. Electrical services should always be performed by fully-qualified electricians due to legal reasons.

Different Types of Electrical Services

Whether you’d like to fit a floodlight on your premises or protect your circuitry from overloading, some companies provide you with ample options when it comes to electrical services.

Some services can be found below :

    • Flood Lighting Services

These flood-lighting services are convenient and help provide light to dark places on your premises perfectly. They’re comprised of both installation and after-sales service of the product chosen. Qualified electricians scope out the area in need of lighting and provide you with different floodlights solutions. The floodlights possess different lighting intensities, shapes and sizes and therefore professional guidance is necessary. Their advice is invaluable when choosing the location of the floodlights and switch, because you can benefit from maximizing the effectiveness of the product as well as following safety regulations and laws.

    • Cable Containment

Cable containment is very important when installing building services. This is due to the fact that it keeps cables secure within their respective holders, making it less hazardous for you to move around, while also being a neat way of storing unsightly wires. It is very important in Information Technology companies or other companies which use similar vast amounts of wires for every-day functionality. It helps you support your cables, as it has a bolstering effect when long cables are being used to deliver power over distances. It also manages your cables effectively whilst allowing you to perform future maintenance with ease and comfort.

    • Circuit Protection

Circuit protection is beneficial because it protects your circuits from frying. Damage caused by an overload or short circuit in an electrical circuit can be devastating, especially if the appliances plugged into that same system are not protected against electrical surges. A circuit breaker can help you achieve this level of protection by detecting a fault or interruption in the electricity’s flow.

    • Electrical Wiring

When you’re wiring your home, office, or factory, you will need a professional electrician to make sure the job’s done right. He can guide you through the steps of which wires to use for which circuits, as well as providing the necessary accessories and equipment relevant to your needs. The electrical wiring can be passed through conduits which fit both underneath the floor as well as in the ceiling, making them invisible which helps reduce unsightly clutter. These conduits then join up at junction boxes and are also hooked up onto the main circuit breaker, for your own protection and safety.

    • Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting can come in many forms and saves you a lot of energy wasted by conventional lighting. It can vary from as simple a step as proper positioning of a light source and the changing to power-saving bulbs, to a more complex single-panel control pad. This enables the user to save energy while also choosing the lighting-mood of a particular room and controlling just how much electricity is used when doing so.