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Electrical and Mechanical Installations | Malta

About Electrical and Mechanical Installations | Malta

Electrical and Mechanical Installations

Electrical and Mechanical Installations is an industry which caters to the electrical and mechanical needs of buildings. The companies which provide this service, are responsible for the installation, proper functionality and constant monitoring of their equipment and work. This ensures quality and enables the company to provide you with a comfortable environment for office buildings or residential areas. This particular sector is split up into 2 main categories, each with it’s own sub-divisions :

  • Electrical Services
  • Mechanical services

For more information about the sub divisions, you can read on below and learn more about what goes on in this particular field and it’s constituent sub-categories.

Electrical Services | Malta

Below is a list of electrical services, along with a brief explanation of their uses, which are available from certain companies in Malta :

Electrical Wiring Planning

Electrical wiring planning is the method of how a building’s electricity is going to be distributed, while also maximizing reach and effectiveness. The wiring of items, such as meters, switches and light fittings are all included in this planning and catered for according to the buildings layout. The wiring itself uses insulation to ensure a maximum level of safety.

Installation of Electrical Wiring

After the planning of how the wires are going to be installed, the actual installation process takes place. The companies responsible for this process are experienced and know just how to do it. Wires are actually passed through conduits and junction boxes, and eventually are hooked up to the meters in the utility box. This provides the building with electricity when the process is complete.

How Electrical Wiring is Installed

Wires are passed through conduits running all along the ground or ceiling. These serve as protective case for the wires against dust and physical trampling. Wires are color-coded and each specific wire has it’s own function. The wires are then passed through a junction box and eventually are connected to the mainframe, circuit box inside the building and meters in the utility box. The main circuit box comes equipped with circuit-breakers, ensuring protection of wires and appliances in case of electrical surges or accidental electrocution.

Electrical Fault Finding

First and most importantly, this process should be done by a qualified electrician, since it is required by law for safety purposes. This fault-finding process detects where faults are occurring within the electrical circuit. This allows the electrician to be able to accurately find the fault/s and change the component which is causing trouble within the circuit.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting can save a lot of energy wastage by simple means. This can be done by changing light-bulbs to energy-saving equivalents or even perhaps the positioning of light sources. To further reduce energy wastage, you can opt for a single-panel light control system, which helps you control the amount of light in your room and thus, the amount of electricity being used.

Floodlight Installation

Floodlights are used to illuminate dark areas in your property. They come in various shapes, sizes and illumination strengths. They are installed by first determining the area in which they will be installed. Once this is done, the power of the building is is shut off and disconnected from the main grid. The floodlights are installed and an area is determined for the installation of special switch. The whole set-up is then connected to the switch and the switch is connected to the power grid. This whole process ensures safety to the user of the floodlights and easy accessibility should they need to service the electrical components.

Mechanical Services | Malta

A building is not complete without the every-day mechanical components used to simplify life. Mechanical services are services provided by means of installation, maintenance and monitoring of the mechanical systems within the building itself (eg. lifts, air-conditioning systems, etc).

Industrial and Commercial Installations

This commonly refers to the installation of mechanical devices (such as elevators and escalators) within either factories or even in shops and other businesses. Most companies also help you by testing the newly-installed items and ensuring their safety and proper long-term functionality.

HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

This service helps either keep climates cool and comfortable, or perhaps warmer and more humid for those who need more specific environmental conditions. The mechanical objects installed are tested and monitored, ensuring that you receive the most out of your system and that safety regulations are met.

Plumbing Placement Planning

Companies send out a fully qualified plumber to view the premises in question and decide which plumbing system is best. The plumber will then draw up a draft for the plumbing plan for you ti view and make preparations if all is to your liking.

Installation of Plumbing

The installation of plumbing is a system whereby pipes are connected to different drains and fittings. This system is then used for either waste disposal, delivery of potable water or even delivery of water for hygienic means, within a building. This installation should always be done by a fully-qualified plumber for health and safety reasons.

How Plumbing is Installed

One must first seek the employ of a professional plumber. This plumber will then attach various pipes to form a plumbing system and leave space for different water sources and drains within the building. The system is capable of both delivering and draining water, depending on the exigencies of the particular area. This system is then connected to both the main watery supply and sewage. These systems deliver and drain water away accordingly.