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Electric Fireplace | Malta

About Electric Fireplace | Malta

Electric Fireplaces are a safer alternative to traditional fireplaces, perfect for homes with small children and pets

An electric fireplace is an electric heater that mimics the effects and look of a traditional fireplace that burns coal or wood. Electric fireplaces are often installed within a traditional fireplace, as a replacement. Whilst the fireplace can no longer be used for conventional fires, the flames mimicking the effect are used as a substitution.

Electric fireplaces are powered by being plugged into a wall, and have the option of being used as a heater, with a flame display, or on a ‘flame only’ setting, which mimics the look of a fire, without any heat. This is a good option in hotter climates, like Malta, where the use of heating isn’t required most of the year, but you would still like to enjoy the cozy atmosphere a fireplace provides.

There are several advantages to using to installing an electric fireplace, such as:

  • Cost – If your house does not come with a traditional fireplace (which most houses in Malta do not have), building one involves significant remodeling and is quite expensive. An electric fireplace can provide you with the same effect, for much cheaper, even if you wanted to build a fireplace facade around it.
  • Safety – If you have small children or animals in your house, you may not feel safe with an open flame in the house, even if there is a grate in front of it. An electric fireplace gives you the peace of mind to know that no ones hands or tail is going to get burnt.
  • Portability – Even if you have a traditional fireplace, if you ever move house, you’re not going to be able to take it with you. An electric fireplace is portable and can be installed just about anywhere.
  • No Chimney required – If you’re concerned about inhaling smoke, or contributing to pollution, then an electric heater solves that problem by removing the need for a chimney to remove smoke from your house.
  • Temperature – It’s hard to control how much heat a wood fire produces, but an electric fireplace can be set with the twist of a button, as well as set to ‘no heat’ if it’s not a cold day, but you’d still like to enjoy the cozy feeling on a romantic night in.
  • Aesthetic – Traditional fireplaces look relatively similar due to the way they’re built, but an electric fireplace can be designed in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Many people choose to install their electric fireplace in unusual places as a decor feature, rather than as a replacement to a wood fire, and as technology improves, so does the variety of options for electrical fireplaces.

There are of course some disadvantages to electric fireplaces, which in Malta should definitely be considered. Since they are electrical appliances, they run on electricity. They are also more inefficient as heaters than a regular electric heater, and so will contribute heavily to your electrical bill, without heating your house as well. If you are primarily looking for a heating device, use an electric heater or gas heater instead.

If you are using the electric fireplace more for the ‘look’ of a fire, rather than as a heater, then the electricity used up is much smaller. However, the flame effect is not as realistic as an actual flame. Depending on the company that produced your electric heater, you may find your flame looks more or less realistic, but for many people this is part of the charm of their new accent piece.

Where to buy an Electric Fireplace in Malta

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