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After Eight Chocolate Mints | Malta

About After Eight Chocolate Mints | Malta

After Eight Chocolate Thin Mints - The original after dinner mint

After Eight chocolate dinner mints are known all over the world, and they’ve long been associated with one specific event: The dinner party. In fact, the name “After Eight” refers to them being served after dinner ends (around eight), as a light and refreshing finish. When the After Eight chocolate mints first came out in 1962, dinner parties where all the rage in the UK and the chocolate dinner mint quickly became a staple in every host’s kitchen.

Nowadays formal dinner parties are much more infrequent, but the After Eight brand continues to flourish as people all over the world enjoy the dark chocolate square filled with a creamy mint filling. This has encouraged Nestle (which bought the After Eight brand from Rowntree, the original creators) to branch out and create new flavors, as well as new methods of enjoying the After Eight chocolate.


After Eight Chocolate Flavors:

  • After Eight Chocolate Thin Mints – These are the original After Eight product, comprising a square of dark chocolate that encloses the mint fondant.
  • After Eight Chocolate Mint & Blood Orange – This was a special limited edition line produced for the Summer of 2011.
  • After Eight Delights – These are round sweets made of dark chocolate with a mint fondant filling.
  • After Eight Straws – This range comprises of a softer dark chocolate in a long stick shape, with a less gooey mint fondant filling.
  • After Eight Biscuits – A new addition to the After Eight family, these combine dark chocolate with mint in a biscuit format. Great for dunking.
  • After Eight Chocolate Santa Claus – A special edition only produced during the Christmas season, Nestle produces a Santa Claus formed out of white or dark mint chocolate.
  • After Eight Bitesize – Instead of a thin square, these bitesize pieces of mint chocolate are rounder with more room for their trademark mint fondant filling. 
  • After Eight Collection – This box features a collection of different chocolates (dark, milk and white) filled with milt filling and made for sharing
  • After Eight Catering Pack – This pack of original Thin Mints is perfect for larger events and entertaining, ensuring you don’t run out halfway through a party!

People have gotten very creative with what you can do with an After Eight Chocolate Mint, besides eating it out of the box – there are now a plethora of dessert recipes starring the delicious thin mint, ranging from mousses to cakes, and even cocktails! After Eight’s official website has taken notice of this growing trend and provides a free PDF with 3 recipes to get you started on using their product in a creative way. Click here to view the recipes!

Where to buy After Eight Chocolate Mints in Malta

You can buy the After Eight range in St Julian’s and St Venera, including After Eight Chocolate Thin Mints. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks their confectionary in a reliable and consistent manner, so your After Eight chocolate remains in perfect top condition – with no breakages or melting.

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