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Diabetic Food | Malta

About Diabetic Food | Malta

Diabetic food is food suitable for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to eat, and help maintain a healthy bloody sugar level

Diabetic food is food that is suitable for individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to eat.

In Malta, diabetes is a widespread, common illness affecting up to 10% of the population, so food that is diabetic-friendly is a must for supermarkets to stock!

Whilst people with diabetes can eat almost all foods, there are a few restrictions on their diets that are inconvenient to live with, especially with food items that are considered staples of the Maltese diet. Mostly, it is a case of monitoring your intake of certain types of foods, and avoiding those that make your blood sugar spike. Individuals with Type 2 diabetes can sometimes reverse their diabetes with a carefully managed diet, but even those that will continue to require insulin will find their diabetes greatly improves if they are very careful with what they eat. Type 1 diabetes however is not reversible at all and is a lifelong condition that requires specific management and constant monitoring.

The main goal when choosing what to eat with diabetes, is to choose food (and beverages) that will not cause your blood sugar to spike. This is an extension of regular healthy eating practices that apply to everyone.

For example, starchy carbohydrates are considered a ‘no’ for diabetics, but as your doctor will tell you, they are okay in moderation. It is preferable to eat starchy carbs that break down slowly, as all carbohydrate foods produce glucose when digested, but at different rates. The glycemic index (or GI), is a way of describing how a food containing carbohydrates affects your blood glucose levels. Potatoes, white rice, white bread, and pasta all have a high glycemic index and can make your blood sugar spike. However, their substitutes: Sweet potatoes, brown rice, wholegrain bread and wholegrain pasta have a much lower glycemic index and are much better for your blood sugar, as well as your overall health.

If you’re planning to indulge in some starchy carbohydrates, it is good to include some high fibre foods that have a low glycemic index (such as most vegetables) to counterbalance the carbohydrates effects.

If you have diabetes, but also have a sweet tooth, then you know that sugar is  more problematic for diabetics – as it rapidly spikes your blood glucose levels. Whilst sugar can be consumed in moderation if you have diabetes, for example by using only in low-fat, high-fiber recipes, it is preferable to use sweeteners. If you do not like the taste of artificial sweeteners, there is also a growing market of natural plant-based sweeteners, such as agave necter and stevia. Sugary soda drinks, lollypops, and candy sweets are better avoided, as they are high in sugar and contain no nutritional value.

Since an individual with diabetes is able to enjoy a wide variety of foods without many restrictions, some people may wonder about the growing industry of ‘diabetic friendly’ food. Many people have a strong sweet tooth, and want to enjoy a cookie, biscuit, slice of cake or ice cream once in a while without risking too much of a sugar spike, and many companies are taking notice! This is good news, as you can now find delicious baked goods at your convenience without any ill-effects.

The rising numbers of diabetes has also led to an increase in wholegrain and wholemeal foods, which have a much lower glycemic index and are just as tasty!


Where to buy Diabetic Food in Malta

You can buy the diabetic food at Park Towers Supermarkets in St Julian’s and St Venera. Park Towers Supermarkets stocks fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, fish and dairy that are integral parts of a healthy diet, as well as wholegrain and wholemeal pastas, breads and baked goods. Park Towers Supermarkets also has a selection of confectionary that is diabetic friendly available!

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