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Corrocoat Anti-Corrosion coatings

About Corrocoat Anti-Corossion solutions in Malta

XN-Teq is the sole licensee holder of Corrocoat in Malta and meets the exact requirements compulsory to license holders. Corrocoat products continue to lead the way in the anti-corrosion coatings industry, and are well-known for their reliability and genuine value-for-money. The extensive range available helps protect equipment and structures, whilst also prolonging their life-span. Corrocoat products are made for withstanding harsh environments and their application reduces costs in the long-run with results still evident years after application.

Products available include the main range of corrosion protection coating, Corrocoat, as well as Corroglass, Fluiglide, Heatblocka, Plasmet and Polyglass. XN-Teq staff are professionally trained and hold the skills and expertise necessary to apply these solutions to the highest standards. They have excellent knowledge on the solutions available, ensuring only the best response to your anti-corrosion needs.

Sectors served by Corrocoat

e for many. Whilst industries are inherently diverse, there is a common need: that for the provision of high quality and high performance products. The following industries all find the ideal solution in Corrocoat: marine, mining, oil and gas, paper, petrochemical, power generation, renewables, structural, and water and waste. For the marine sector in particular, Corrocoat has developed products to provide long-term protection from corrosion that lasts more than 25 years, thus increasing the life-expectancy of any marine component.

Corrocoat range of products

Regardless of the issue, Corrocoat’s range of products ensures that a reliable and ideal anti-corrosion product is readily available to address your needs.


The Corrocoat range consists of high performance polymeric products that offer long-term prevention. As the main range in corrosion protection coatings, Corrocoat is ideal for critical service applications and prevents biofouling, resistance to cathodic disbanding and chemicals, crack bridging, and high conductivity. Products include: Armagel, Biofoul, Corrocoat EA, Corrocoat EB, Corrofill, Carrofill E, Corrofill VE, Di-Shield, EP1, Epoxy Laminating Resin, Flarestick Nanopaint, Flexires, Floor Screed, Graphite S, Renderpol, and Zip E.


Corroglass is a glass flake range of corrosion protection coatings and uses resin technology to safeguard process environments. Typically, as a high-performance engineering composite, Corroglass is applied in refurbishing and protecting heavy duty capital equipment such as pumps, valves, water boxes, heat exchanger tube faces, spool pieces, filters, strainers and other auxiliary equipment. Products in this range include: 200 Laminating Resin, 600 Laminating Resin, Corroglass 202, Corroglass 602, Corroglass AR4, Corroglass AR4 Velicoat, Corroglass HN1, and Corroglass HN4


Fluiglide is the highly energy-efficient friction-reducing range. Pioneered by Corrocoat in 1985, this range takes full advantage of the performance of pumping systems used in power generation cooling water systems, water and waste treatment, and other process industries. Apart from this, Fluiglide serves as an effective corrosion barrier, hence retaining system performance. Products in this range include: Fluiglide, and Fluiglide E.


Heatblocka is a protective coating that provides thermal insulation whilst acting as an anti-corrosive. Heatblocka is a two pack cold cured high build insulating coating.


Plasmet is a range of protective coatings and surface-tolerant primers that are resistant to abrasion. These products offer all-round protection to various operational environments. In terms of extreme abrasion challenges, these specially engineered Plasmet coatings are available in different grades for extra reassurance. Products in this range include: Corrothane AP1, Epoxy Injection Grout and Resin, Galvcoat, Genmend, Plasmet AR3, Plasmet AR3 Screed, Plasmet ECP, Plasmet HTE, Plasmet Masonry Guard, Plasmet R, Plasmet SB1, Plasmet T, Plasmet WR, Plasmet ZE, Plasmet ZF, and Plasmet ZX.


The Polyglass range is well-known for its ease of application whilst being a high-performance protective coating. Polyglass, often applied by spray without the need for primer, is very effective in extremely corrosive environments. The Polyglass range can be used on diverse substrates, with the coatings already helping protect varied components from offshore process vessels, pipelines, and structural steel, to hot water tanks in hospitals. Products include: Corrothane XT, Ecoflake, Polyglass 100, Polyglass HA/HA VE, Polyglass Pipe Grade, Polyglass PPA, Polyglass PPV, Polyglass Standard, Polyglass VE, Polyglass VE Pipe Grade, Polyglass VE Velicoat, Polyglass VEF, Polyglass VEFT, Polyglass VEFWR, Polyglass WCP, and Zipcoat.

Research & Development

Corrocoat is committed to research and development, ensuring that only the best products reach industries. XN-Teq’s expertise in the range of products available guarantees a complete long-term solution to all your corrosion concerns.

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