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Common Rail Diesel Repair | Malta

About Common Rail Diesel Repair | Malta

Common Rail Diesel Repair About

Since the introduction of the modern common rail in 21st century, diesel engines have vastly improved and have become much more economical and are no longer noisy or dirty. having said that, even the most hardy of engines break down from time to time and need repairs. This article will tell you a little bit more about the common rail diesel engine, as well as what might be troubling it and some of it’s other uses.

A Brief History Of the Common Rail

The common rail system was invented in the 1960’s, as a prototype developed by Robert Huber. It was later on further improved by a doctor, named Marco Ganser, who at the time, worked with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The common rail was installed successfully in Japan, during the 1990’s and since then, has been used in plenty of diesel engines. Later on, Fiat researched and developed the product, and handed it over to the German company Bosch, which refined the common rail and mass produced it.

Modern day common rails work on more-or-less the same system, the difference being that it’s fuel injection is controlled by the car’s on-board computer, commonly known as an Engine Controlled Unit (ECU). This ECU opens each individual injector electronically instead of the previously used mechanical method.

What is a Common Rail in Diesel Engine ?

A Common rail is a device in an engine which directs fuel into the injectors, making it more efficient. In diesel engines, the rail delivers fuel under great pressure, and this pressure opens up valves delivering fuel to the engine. this method of fuel delivery makes the engine much more economical.

Where to Repair a Common Rail Diesel Engine

Most mechanics are able to repair common rail-related issues within your diesel engine. These rails come in 2 variants, which are the mechanical (or old version) and the electronic (new version). Mechanics will be able to diagnose the problem either by a manual inspection or by attaching your car to specific computers with software designed for your car. Once they know where the problem is, they will be able to fix your car for a reasonable price. However, there are mechanics which specialize in this service and are better equipped to do such a thing.

Some Possible Faults In a Common Rail

Like most products, even engines and their components have a finite lifespan and can be worn down due to normal wear and tear. Below are a few maladies that rail diesel engines suffer from and the reasons behind them.

There are three major common faults which a common rail system can develop :

Wear and Tear of Fuel Injectors:
Since the fuel is delivered under very high pressures, the loading on the engine is higher and this pressure load, can slowly eat away at the fuel injector seals, as well as other components within the engine.

Injector Malfunction Due to Deposits From Fuel :
Higher pressure means higher temperature. It is no different for the fuel within the common rail diesel engine and this higher temperature causes sediment to form. This sediment stops the injectors from functioning properly and causes them to stick or malfunction. Bio diesel is in fact, one major contributor to sediment formation and although it’s healther for the environment, it isn’t as healthy on your car’s injectors.

Fuel Pump Degradation :
Since fuel emissions had to be legally reduced, most fuel companies reduced the levels of sulphur within their petrol and diesel blends. Sulphur, however, provides a certain level of lubrication within the fuel system. By lowering the level of sulphur, the level of lubrication is also lowered, increasing friction in very expensive injectors and fuel pumps and wearing them out faster.

To repair these faults, it is always advisable to find a fully qualified mechanic with the proper equipment.

What Can a Common Rail be Used In ?

Common rail engines can also be used in marine engines. These Vessels use a modified version adapted to sea-travel, which are also known as “modified common rail engines”.

Where to get Common Rail Diesel Repairs in Malta

You can find common rail diesel repairs at the California Garage in Naxxar. The company also offers plenty of other services related to cars and both electrical and mechanical faults. They cater to client’s needs in an extremely professional way and are very friendly, while also offering expert advice on how best to proceed when dealing with a faulty engine or it’s components.

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About California Garage, supplier of Common Rail Diesel Repairs

The company is very professional and has a lot of experience working with different engines. At California Garage, they believe in giving the best they can to the customer in terms of advice and service, while also being reasonable in price and helpful.