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Commercial Vehicles |Malta

About Commercial Vehicles in Malta

Commercial Vehicles Malta
Malta is governed in most cases by European law, so it is probably best to start by defining what is classified as a commercial vehicle by the European Union. According to the site: Any vehicle that by its type of construction and equipment is designed for, and capable of transporting: (1) Driver + 8 passengers or more; (2) goods and “standard fuel tanks”.

Classification of Commercial Vehicles in Malta, Europe

For the most part vehicles falling under the Commercial bracket fall within the M, N & O Categories.

The M Vehicle Category covers vehicles with at least four wheels that are used for the carriage of passengers, this ranges from small vehicles for personal use up to 8 passengers all the way up to any vehicle used for the carriage of passengers and a mass exceeding 5 Tonnes.

The M category is generally split as:
M1 Which is normally personal non-commercial vehicles.
M2 Small commercial vehicles for the carriage of passengers, such as Mini-buses.
M3 Large Commercial Vehicles for the carriage of passengers, such as buses and coaches.

The N Category mainly features only commercial vehicles, specifically since this category of vehicle denotes vehicles used for the transportation of Goods. The N Category of commercial vehicles is also split into three main categories.

N1 – Having a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 Tonnes – This includes pick up trucks and small vans such as the commercial Citroen Berlingo.
N2 – Having a mass of between 3.5 Tonnes & 12 Tonnes
N3 – Having a mass exceeding 12 Tonnes

The O Category is also predominantly made up of Commercial Vehicles. The O Category covers all trailers from:
O1 – Not exceeding .75 Tonnes
O2 – .75 Tonnes to 3.5 Tonnes
O3 – 3.5 Tonnes to 10 Tonnes
O4 – Exceeding 10 Tonnes

There are also special category vehicles that fall under the commercial vehicle bracket however for the most part in the European Union and specifically in Malta Commercial Vehicles Generally fall under the M2 to O4 Vehicle Categories.

Special import taxes as well as discounts on annual licensing are provided in Malta and many parts of Europe to aid commerce.

Commercial Vehicles in Malta Brands

The following list of car manufactures all provide commercial vehicles, whilst some of the brands are more popular in Malta and sourcing parts etc is easier, all the brands supplying commercial vehicles can be found in Malta.
Fiat Auto

Where to buy Commercial Vehicles in Malta

M and M Commercials Ltd | Tarxien | Malta

M and M Commercials Ltd
T: 21677772
M: 79492363
A: St Thomas Street, Tarxien, Malta