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Color Coded Parking Sensors | Malta

About Color Coded Parking Sensors Malta

Color coded parking sensors to blend in with your car - Now there's no reason not to get them!

In Malta, one of the biggest headaches of driving is parking! There are a great number of cars on the road, and not enough places to park them. Once you do find a parking spot, there’s still the hassle of maneuvering your car into it!

Thankfully, that can be made much easier with the use of Parking Sensors – these are small devices that attach to your car, and using either ultrasonic systems or electromagnetic systems, alert you to when you are too close to an object (whether it’s a wall, car or person). For those with larger cars, or who live in areas of Malta where parking is always a tight squeeze, Parking Sensors can save you a lot of time and aggravation (as well as money, since you’re now much less likely to reverse into another car).

Ultrasonic Parking Sensors:

Ultrasonic Parking Sensors utilize ultrasonic proximity detectors to gauge the distance between a nearby object and the sensor, which can be located in the front and/or rear bumper.

The sensors emit a signal, and then measure the return time of the reflected system to calculate the distance between your car and the nearest object to the sensor. The ultrasonic parking sensor system then warns you by emitting a beeping sound, with faster, more frequent beeping indicating that you are getting too close to the object.

Depending on the brand of parking sensor you purchase, your ultrasonic parking sensor system may include an LED/LCD screen that indicates the object’s distance to your vehicle. Other vehicles may display a ‘pictogram’ on their monitor screen, that represents nearby objects as colored blocks.

Rear bumper sensors can be activated when you go into reverse, and deactivated as soon as you select any other gear. Front bumper sensors can be activated manually and will deactivate automatically after you’ve reached a pre-determined speed.

But whilst parking sensors are incredibly useful, they’re typically somewhat of an eyesore. This is where Color Coded Parking Sensors come in – you can now have parking sensors fitted and installed into your car, in a color that matches the exact shade of your car. This allows for a smooth unobtrusive installation that is barely noticeable, until you need its assistance