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Chevrolet | Malta

About Chevrolet | Malta


Nowadays, Chevrolet is one of the leading car manufacturers on the market. It is so, because Chevrolet focuses on building exceptional vehicles on both the quality and value front. Their cars specifically tailored to their clients desires and allows them to explore and live the Chevrolet driving experience. The company firmly believes that their cars must in some way or another, reflect Louis Chevrolet’s passion for motoring.

A Brief History of Chevrolet

The company was founded by it’s owner, Louis Chevrolet. He was born on the 25th December in 1878 and was the son of a clock-maker from Switzerland. Louis, at the age of 11, found that his family was finding it difficult to cope and so, went to work for a bicycle shop. This is where he found his drive and excelled at mending bicycles.

Legends tell the tale of an 18 year-old Louis Chevrolet, fixing an American traveler’s three-wheeled bike. It is also said that this same traveler was none other than Willie K Vanderbilt, a former American motor racing patron. This event in itself, is said to have led Louis to America and to seek his fortune in the motor racing industry. In 1900, Louis did travel across the Atlantic and emigrated to Canada. There , he worked as a chauffeur and mechanic.

By 1907, Louis found himself racing for the reputable car manufacturer “Buick”. It is here that he met Billy Durant, who was a motoring entrepreneur of sorts. Durant, being a businessman, saw the potential benefit of adding this prominent mechanic now racer’s name, to a new car brand and in 1911, the two men gave life to their new company “Chevrolet Motor Car Company”, with their first model car being the “Classic Six”.

Some Chevrolet Car Models Available


A small city car built to withstand city conditions. It looks the part and also packs a strong punch in terms of engine and on-the-road capabilities. It’s loaded with safety features and can seat 5 people comfortably. It is also perfect as a family vehicle because it’s keenly priced.

New Aveo 5drs

With aggressive styling and accent lines and very strong engine selection to boot, this car is sporty. It also impresses, however, as it changes from sporty hatchback to quiet family car, which is gentle to drive and very economical. It is very comfortable and will seat 5 people and all models have airbags and other safety features, designed to keep it’s occupants secure. All these features at a very reasonable price and this car starts to look like quite a contender when paired up against similar models from other brands.

AVEO 4drs

A longer car with a good selection of engines and extras, at a very affordable price. It is made for those who wish for a car with pace, without having excess attention attracted to themselves. The car is very capable on the road and is packed full of safety features, like ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) and airbags. It will seat 5 people very comfortably and is ideal as a family or town car.

Cruze 4dr

A beautifully-styled saloon with great value for money. For a reasonable price, you can get a great car, matched with greater performance on the road because of it’s punchy engine and stable suspensions. It handles beautifully and can also be tamer to drive when your foot’s not all the way down on the accelerator. It has ample boot-space and is extremely safe thanks to a multitude of electronic safety features, as well as reinforcements made to it’s chassis and airbags, located all over the cabin.

Cruze 5drs

A hatchback version of the 4dr Cruz, this car is smaller, but only in size. You’ll get all the standard features of the saloon, with the same level of safety and same great engines and handling. It can be used as a family car but it can also be very sporty when asked to. A great car in every sense.

Where to buy Chevrolet in Malta

You can buy Chevrolet cars at Autobahn Ltd, in Zebbug, where you can also find other cars, at affordable prices. There’s something for everyone.

Autobahn Ltd | Cars | Zebbug

Autobahn Ltd

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Autobahn Ltd | Cars | Zebbug

Autobahn Ltd | Zebbug

Autobahn Limited was established on the 2nd of May in 1995. The company initially sold and purchased second hand vehicles as well as entirely new ones. To date, Autobahn Ltd is one of Malta’s strongest Japanese car importers and still sells quality second-hand cars and brand new ones. They treat their clients with respect and give good advice, as to what car is good to which person’s needs.