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Chauffeur Driven Services | Malta

About Chauffeur Driven Services | Malta

Chauffeur driven services in Malta are for all the occasions where you may need a driver, such as weddings, funerals, airport pick up, etc

Chauffeur driven services exist all over the world, with the same core goal of having a driver (chauffeur) that transports a client from one location to another.

In different parts of the world, the word chauffeur means slightly different things, although it is accepted to generally refer to a specially trained driver of luxury vehicles; in most cases, the driver is hired to drive the clients luxury vehicle for him/her. In other cases, the client hires the service of a chauffeur company that provides both the client and the vehicle.

Chauffeur contracts can be a long term employment contract with one individual who requires a daily personal driver, or they can be one off events such as transportation to the airport, but in a more luxurious vehicle than a standard mini-cab.

The types of chauffeur driven services you can encounter around the world differ dramatically, with some countries requiring that drivers undertake special training and receive special licenses to be able to work as a chauffeur. Many companies also encourage their drivers to add additional skill sets to their repertoire, such as body guarding and evasive driving. This is due to the type of clientele they receive – a chauffeur company in a main city such as London or Tokyo can expect to have very high profile clients who may be targets for violence. Additionally, chauffeur companies may require that their drivers wear a uniform (traditionally a crisp suit, cap and white gloves), although this differs greatly amongst companies and cultures.

Who uses Chauffeur Driven Services:

When we think of chauffeurs, we tend to think of the idea being incredibly extravagant, but there are many types of chauffeur driven services!

The business man/woman: If your mornings are incredibly busy and hectic, having a chauffeur drive you to work allows you to conduct your business over the phone, without risk of expensive fines and losing your license, as well as to continue working on your laptop. Many people find the gain in time to be worth the expensive, as while the car is idling in morning traffic, they are still being productive.

Children: Some nannies/au-pairs also act as chauffeurs and are specially trained in safe driving skills to allow parents who work long hours to have peace of mind that their children are being driven to/from school with the same person daily, and in a safe environment, as opposed to trusting a taxi service.

The VIP: Whether a political persona, or famous athlete, these people trust the services of a chauffeur that has had special training in evasive and defensive driving. Knowing that their driver is going to be able to remove them from, for example, a group of paparazzi in a safe manner provides a sense of relief. For political personas, particularly in war zones, a chauffeur with body guard training can come in handy.

The traveller: If you need to be in different cities and countries on a regular basis, a chauffeur driven service that provides both driver and car allows you to relax and recover from jetlag, as well as removing the stress of trying to find your way around an unfamiliar city through unknown roads. This is also a much safer method of transportation, as you are not risking driving while tired, nor accidentally up one way roads.

Surprise occasions: Chauffeur driven services that provide luxury vehicles have long been used for surprise occasions, and for good reason! Wether for prom, a birthday party, engagement or wedding, hiring a limousine or other luxury vehicle for a day allows people to feel pampered and special. The driver’s courteous manner and the additional perks, such as onboard refreshments, all add to the experience.

And many more!

Where to find Chauffeur Driven Services in Malta

You can find a highly experienced and dedicated team of chauffeurs, offering a high quality chauffeur driven experience, at Melnic Garage. Their fleet of drivers are on call 24/7, so whether you have an emergency meeting, or a flight late at night – there is always someone available at Melnic Garage.

Some of the chauffeur driven services offered by Melnic Garage include:

  • Airport Transfers,
  • Sightseeing Tours (even to pre-chosen locations) and
  • Chauffeur Driven Service 24×7

Apart from tourism related services, Melnic Garage also caters for Malta’s local market requirements with chauffeurs for:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • School Transport
  • Transport of employees day and night

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Melnic Garage | Siggiewi, Malta

Melnic Garage - providing chauffeur's to suit your needs, from weddings to everyday transportation

Melnic Garage,
Triq Dun Manwel Zammit,
Siggiewi, Malta
Tel: 27010157
Mob: 99429589 / 99458341

Opening hours: 

24/7 – 24 hours a day, every day of the week


Melnic Garage | Chauffeur | Siggiewi | Malta

About Melnic Garage

Melnic Garage was founded in 1996 by its current owner: Mr. Ivan Mamo. Having previously worked as a driver of note for government needs, papal visits and VIP’s, and being part of the tourism industry for over 35 years, Mr. Mamo applies his extensive knowledge to his own business, to offer tourist and local alike an extraordinary Chauffeur service in Malta.

Melnic Garage offers Chauffeur driven/transport/transfer services in only the best quality cars (such as the Mercedes Benz) and Vans which can comfortably seat up to 18 passengers. Of course, all vehicles are fully air conditioned for a pleasant ride during the hot Maltese summers.

Melnic Garage really shines in it’s Wedding Chauffeur Service – with a fleet of cars that exudes that luxurious feel for your special day. Included in the fleet is a Beaufort and Ford Vintage – perfect for that touch of vintage glamour. Both the Beaufort and Ford Vintage are capable of having convertible, semi convertible and fully closed roof tops – depending on the look you’re going for. An added perk to Melnic Garage’s wedding service includes complimentary champagne for all newlyweds.