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About Car Audio Malta

Complete car audio systems, and their installations, from the biggest and best brands in the world, available in Malta

Car Audio Head Unit:

The “head unit”, also sometimes known as a “deck” is the part of a stereo sound system that people are most familiar with – both in automobiles and in home cinema systems. The head unit provides a unified interface for all the various components of the sound system – allowing the user to make adjustments to volume, radio station, CD or MP3 selection, and much more.

The head unit is essentially the centerpiece of a car’s sound system, and is normally located in the center of the dashboard – between the driver and passenger side. The head unit is normally found in the form of a detachable face plate, which is easily removed for safe storage when you are not using your vehicle. This is a great advantage, as high end head units are frequently targeted by thieves – although in modern cars, usually the head unit is integrated into the car’s alarm system.

What does the head unit do:

The head unit allows you to control your vehicle’s entertainment media, including: AM/FM radio, CDs, cassette tapes (in older cars), MP3, GPS, and bluetooth. An “audio-only” head unit is a specialty head unit to allow precision control over all aspects of their listening experience, including volume, band, frequency, speaker fade, speaker balance, EQ, treble and base.


Car Audio Speakers:

Car speakers are part of the stereo sound system that comes included in nearly every car, and can also be upgraded to suit your particular auditory needs.

Originally, before stereo radio, the speaker would have been located in the middle of the dashboard, pointing through perforations towards the front windshield. In most modern vehicles, the speakers are mounted in a few common locations, such as: bottom of doors, front dashboard, rear deck, and the kick panel. Subwoofers (which are an additional competent to enhance speakers) are usually located underneath the seats, or in the trunk.

Different speaker positions reflect different strengths and weaknesses in terms of quality of sound, and from the manufacturers perspective (for factory-installed speakers).

You may choose to replace your factory speakers, and you’ll notice a vast difference in audio quality – with music sounding crisper, and more true to its recording than on a lower quality speaker (this is especially true on lower value cars, and second hand cars where the speakers may have gotten worn out). Replacing your speaker is also the most cost effective upgrade to your car stereo system, since they are directly responsible for the sound you hear.

Installing aftermarket speakers also allows you to install a different size of speaker than was factory installed, although it is important to find out what size of speaker will fit into your vehicle model before purchasing!

Car Audio Sub Woofers:

A subwoofer is a  type of speaker that is designed to reproduce very low frequencies. This enhances the bass end of the sound spectrum, and allows for the powerful low ‘rumble’ sound that is popular in many genres of music. The addition of a subwoofer to your sound system allows you to reproduce a wider range of frequencies, giving a more authentic sound experience.

Subwoofers usually reproduce frequencies between 20 Hz and 125 Hz, and are much larger in size than their regular speaker cousins (measuring between 8 inches and 15 inches in diameter, on average). This requires them to use much more power to operate effectively, and is normally aided by the use of an amplifier. The subwoofers large size also presents a challenge in installation, and they are normally installed in the trunks of cars – which is something to keep in mind if you require a lot of trunk space.

 The quality of sound your subwoofer produces depends mainly on its construction and materials. A woofer most effectively produces those deep bass sounds when it is constructed from a stiff, lightweight material such as polypropylene, mica (which is polypropylene mixed with other materials, making it stiffer), or woven fabrics/synthetics coated in lightweight metals such as titanium or aluminum. The surround on a woofer are an integral part of the subwoofer, allowing the woofer cone to move freely, and need to be of high quality durable materials to perform at their best; rubber provides the best performance, although foam and cloth still perform well while costing less.

Car Audio Amplifiers:

While most factory installed head units will already have an amplifier built into them, if you begin customizing your car stereo system, you may find that they don’t produce the amount of wattage necessary to power additional components such as subwoofers. Without an external amplifier, you may find your sound quality suffering, despite all the upgrades you’ve made.

Amplifiers take a signal from the stereo then use an independent power source to change it into a more power signal for the speakers; the more power delivered, the cleaner the sound reproduced from the speakers.

Whilst there are many options for amplifiers, it is most common to get one amp to power all the speakers in the car, with multiple channels (each channel powers one speaker). The most popular type of amp is a four-channel amplifier, since most cars have four speakers.

It is important to match your speakers and stereo with the right amplifier, to ensure you neither underpowered nor overpower your speakers. Under powering is a waste of money, whilst over powering risks over heating and damaging your speakers.     

Where to buy Car Audio Systems in Malta

If you are looking to buy car audio systems in Malta, please feel free to consult All Malta Online’s list of trusted audio system dealers who will be able to supply you with a variety of different car audio systems of different brands to suit your needs. View All Malta Online here.

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