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Casa Completa

Bathrooms are a key part of your home so why ignore it? Bathrooms should offer you a place of peace and privacy and thanks to the need of tiles, can present you with a unique design opportunity for your home to make it stick out. Likewise, why not upgrade your bath and shower from a necessity to an experience? Turning your typical bath into a relaxing spa or your shower into an enchanting rain-like effect with multiple jets is possible and much more affordable than you might think at Casa Completa, where a whole bathroom unit can start from as low at 285.00 Eur.

About Casa Completa

Casa Completa was originally started out of a warehouse in 1993 by its current owner, Sebastian Luca. His goal was to bring imported high quality water proofing materials and service to Malta at an affordable price. The business quickly took off and they was soon able to expand the next year to their current showroom in Attard and expand into a new business area: Bathrooms. Slowly over the years Casa Completa has grown into a wide range of business areas including turnkey services, where you can rely on the company’s mission to bring high quality work at the best prices. Casa Completa brings the same system of importing the highest quality products from abroad and installing them with professionalism to its bathroom offering, all of which is at a price regular people can afford. Take a look at their massive offering in their showroom.


Casa Completa Bathtub
When you mention relaxing at home, the image of laying in a bath comes up for many. For centuries now a bath has been the symbol of rest, relaxation and restfulness. Why not upgrade your bathtub to make your experience all the greater? Casa Completa has a range of shapes and designs for any house and a range of options, from jacuzzis to free-standing baths with professional installation and associates happy to help you create your dream bathtub.

Floor and Wall Tiles

At the very distinguishes your bathroom from the rest of your home from the very beginning is the tiling. Tiling is necessary in a bathroom to deal with the amount of moisture and humidity that happens in the room. Casa Completa has a huge range of tiling choices with intricate designs and colours to fit all client’s homes and moods. They also offer a comprehensive installation of the tiles with an experienced team to make sure it is done efficiently and without mistake. Casa Completa also has floor tiles for rooms and kitchens as well.

Saunas and Spas

Casa Completa Sauna
Saunas and spas have been in use for thousands of years for both their relaxation and medicinal properties. Cultures all over the world enjoy a good spa usage, from Russia to China to Ancient Rome, so why wouldn’t you? Great as a de-stress device at the end of the day or even to sweat out a cold, spas and saunas are a great addition to a home. Casa Completa offers multiple units for all kinds of homes and to fit all people’s tastes.


Casa Completa Shower
Everyone showers these days and we tend to take it for granted and accept whatever shower we have, but there are a wealth of possibilities out there! Many see the shower as the standard method of washing up, and baths more for enjoyment but there are many shower units that bring that same feeling of luxury and relaxation that many people don’t know about. Casa Completa offers just such units in a range of styles.

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Contact Casa Completa

A: Mdina Road, Attard
T: 21 414 933
E: info@casacompletabathrooms.com
W: http://www.casacompletabathrooms.com/en

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