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Bathroom Vanity Units | Malta

About Bathroom Vanity Units | Malta

Bathroom vanities to complete your bathroom in Malta

Bathroom vanity units are often under appreciated, but they are one of the most important pieces of real estate you will have in your bathroom. Choosing a bathroom vanity unit goes beyond just finding a unit that fits into the style and feel of the bathroom you’re designing – a vanity tends to be a piece of furniture that gets used multiple times a day, so choose one that accommodates your practical needs as well!

What is a bathroom vanity unit:

A bathroom vanity is basically a freestanding “dressing table” that contains a sink and several storage compartments. It is used to hide the plumbing, and offers counter space for toiletries and other items. Bathroom vanities also differ from traditional vanity tables in that they are made from water proof materials that can withstand humidity and moisture.

How to pick a bathroom vanity unit:

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, a place to relax in as well as a place to prepare for the rest of the day – so you want the items within your bathroom to accentuate that feeling. Ensure that the vanity you purchase is suitable for the room it is going into, and for what it is going to be used for! A guest bathroom for example does not require a large vanity unit, whereas the main bathroom will require more storage space for towels, toiletries, etc. If the bathroom is a frenzied place in the morning, consider a vanity unit that has a double sink to improve efficiency and let two people use it in one go (i.e. washing faces, brushing teeth, etc).

When shopping around for a bathroom vanity unit, keep the following questions in mind: 

    • What material is the best fit for your bathroom?   i.e. how much upkeep, how easy is it to clean, does it match the rest of the room
    • How high would you like the vanity top to be?   i.e. if for a child’s bathroom, ensure the vanity is at a comfortable hight for them
    • How large is your bathroom?   Don’t purchase just because it would look great, make sure it won’t overwhelm the room
    • How much space is available for the bathroom vanity?   Measure before purchasing
    • Who primarily uses the bathroom?   i.e. children’s vanities should be easy to clean, women may want more storage space for toiletries

Vanity units come in many styles, shapes and sizes – from plain “pedestals” that are perfect for un-intrusive guest bathrooms to eclectic “wall hanging” vanities that really draw attention. How you choose one will depend on what other fixtures you have in your bathroom, as well as your specific needs.

One of the main things to keep in mind is the type of material and finish your bathroom vanity unit will have. When it comes to cabinets, look for materials that are sealed to protect against moisture, to avoid warping. In this case, you get what you pay for, as particle board is the most common material for cabinet cases. Pay more for a high pressure laminate, or thick coated veneer and you’ll save money over time. With vanity counter tops, you need to ensure the surface is scratch resistant, and not likely to be damaged by common spills (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc).

Common cabinet materials include:

Solid Wood: Bath cabinets and vanities made of wood may be solid, veneered or laminated. Oak is the most common type of wood used for cabinets, with maple and cherry also being popular choices.

Veneer: Veneered panels are less expensive than solid wood, and they have the advantage of a consistent pattern across all the cabinets.

Laminates: Laminate cabinets have a synthetic finish that’s attractive and easy to care for. The durability and affordability of laminate construction make this type of cabinet perfect for children’s bathrooms.

Common vanity unit top materials include:

Cast Polymers:

• Wide variety of colors, including pastel shades
• Cultured marble, onyx and granite designs
• Easy to clean
• Resist stains and mildew
• Accommodates integrated sinks
• Scratches and chips can be difficult to repair  

Ceramic Tile:

• Fired/glazed clay tiles
• Durable and easy to clean
• Wide variety of colors and patterns
• Moisture-resistant
Grout needs to be sealed periodically and may stain
• Cost can varies depending on size and type of tile selected

Solid-Surface Materials:

• Made of composite resins
• Highly durable
• Wide variety of colors and patterns
• Stains, scratches and burns can be sanded out
• Completely waterproof
Require larger up-front investment
• Requires a strong, sturdy base

Natural Stone

• Granite, marble or other natural stone
• Highly durable
• Easy to clean / low maintenance
• Whole slabs or individual tiles
• Available in a variety of rich colors
• Needs to be sealed and polished regularly
• Granite is resistant to stains and scratches
• Some natural stones are porous, so check before purchasing

Engineered Stone:

• Usually made of quartz and silica
• Available in a variety of colors and finishes
• More durable than natural stone
• Resists stains, mildew and bacteria
• Available in a variety of rich colors
• Similar in cost to natural stone


• Cleans easily, just wipe down
• Available in an endless array of patterns, colors and textures
• Resistant to water and stains
• Can be scratched and chipped
• Cannot be repaired if damaged – damage will also reduce resistance to water and moisture
• Most affordably priced option

Common Vanity Unit Sink types:

Surface mount sinks (self rimming): A hole is cut into the countertop of your vanity, and the sink is inserted into it. The top of the sink then rests on the top of the counter. These are the easiest types of sinks to install, as they allow room for error, and the hole is covered completely once the sink is in place.

Under mount sinks: Under mount sinks are attached to the underside of the countertop. The cut must be made precisely, as the hole will remain exposed – making this type of installation better left to professionals as opposed to DIY. 

Integral Sinks: The sink in this case is formed from the same material as the countertop, giving a clean seamless look to your vanity unit, with no visible joints. Any damage to the sink could result in needing to replace the entire sink and countertop though, so better for bathrooms with usage.

Vessel Sinks: If you want to make a bold statement, vessel sinks are the way to go. The basin sits on top of the counter top, with the faucets/spout typically wall mounted for convenience.

Where to buy a Bathroom Vanity Units in Malta

If you’re looking to buy a bathroom vanity unit in Malta, please feel free to consult All Malta Online’s list of trusted appliance providers who will be able to supply you with a variety of different vanities by different brands, of differing shapes, sizes and styles, to suit your needs. View All Malta Online here

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