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Bathroom Mirrors | Malta

About Bathroom Mirrors | Malta

Bathroom Mirrors in Malta - Various shapes, sizes and styles to perfectly fit into your bathroom decor

Bathroom mirrors are an integral part of any bathroom. No bathroom is complete without a mirror – typically stationed above the sink, in perfect position to see your reflection when brushing your teeth, washing your face, applying make up or shaving. Of course, your bathroom can have more than one mirror in it! 

Choosing a bathroom mirror to fit in with your decor can really tie a room together.

Firstly, consider the function you need your mirror to perfect:

Is it a mirror simply for showing your reflection? Or do you need it to light up as well? Would you like your mirror to double up as storage space (perhaps for a medicine cabinet, that is hidden out of the way)? There is also the option of having your mirror be on an extendable arm so you can move it around to suit your needs, i.e. bring it closer to your face when shaving or doing your make up. Another option to consider is wether you want a full length mirror, or just a mirror to see your face.

Once you have decided what you want to get out of your mirror, it’s time to consider style and budget.

Square and rectangle mirrors are cheaper than getting other shapes done, but can be gussied up with a few inexpensive supplies. Bathrooms are also one of the places where a mirror does not look out of place if it is left unframed! If you cannot find a framed mirror that suits your needs or your decor, consider purchasing a mirror, then having it custom framed. An old-world antique inspired bathroom may be more suited to a mirror framed in a heavy gilded frame, which you are more likely to find at a framing store.

Creating a trim around a mirror yourself is also a simple task, of course depending on how complex you get with your idea. If your bathroom is focused on featuring tiles, you may consider using an adhesive to stick tiles around the edges of the mirror and create a tile frame that complements your mirror.

If you have a large bathroom that pets and small children don’t enter, you may also consider having a standalone full length mirror. These mirrors stand on an adjustable stand, and can be tilted to different angles – perfect for checking out your outfit for a date night, or for making sure you haven’t missed any spots when putting on some suntanning lotion.

Taking the time to look around online will allow you to see what kind of ideas other people have had for their bathroom mirrors, and how they have implemented them.

To see an example of how one couple transformed their plain large bathroom mirror into something special, click here.

Where to buy a Bathroom Mirrors in Malta

If you’re looking to buy a bathroom mirror in Malta, please feel free to consult All Malta Online’s list of trusted appliance providers who will be able to supply you with a variety of different mirrors by different brands, of differing shapes, sizes and styles, to suit your needs. View All Malta Online here

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