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Auto Body-Parts | Malta

About Auto-Body Parts | Malta

Auto body-parts

Most car’s bodies are not simply made up of just one piece of metal. They’re instead, composed of a number of different body parts which make up the outer shell of the car. This body can be designed to look stunning and aerodynamic, or even shaped into a smaller profile to fit into parking spaces within a city. These auto body-parts can be made out of a variety of materials, including metal, aluminium, plastic and carbon-fiber.

Auto Body-Parts on a Car

A car has many different body parts which make up it’s exterior. Some of these shaped, pressed or molded parts can be found below :

The front body-part found underneath the hood. It is designed to absorb impacts in case of crashes by crumpling or breaking apart.

A body-part located at the rear end of the car, right underneath the trunk. It is used to absorb impacts rear-bound impacts.

Located at the front of the car, these light emitting devices act as high-power torches which illuminate the road in dark conditions.

These rear-facing lights are used to warn other motorists of your intentions and actions, as well as providing light in the dark, making your presence on the road known.

This metal cover is located on the front end of the car. It covers the engine and engine bay and doubles to absorb shocks if an impact occurs.

The Different Materials Used in Auto Body-Parts

It is mainly used in cars with a cheaper price, or when the car needs to be light. This reinforced plastic is quite tough and springy and was developed to absorb impacts and break apart, thus keeping the car’s occupants safe.

Composites are made out of different materials fused together and formed into the necessary body-parts. These materials are used in the body parts of a middle-class and middle sized car. Since the engine is bigger, it will require a stronger body for rigidity and impact protection. They are also relatively light and can withstand impact quite well.

The heaviest material used for auto body-parts, is commonly found on older car models. The combined weight of the body-parts makes these cars heavy and the lack of crumpling or disintegration means that passengers will not be as safe as when plastic is used. It also rusts very quickly, thus damaging your car’s body panels.

A light-weight material which is quite tough and resistant to rusting. This material is used in most modern cars and is ideal in a collision due to it’s crumpling qualities.

A material which is made up of layers of carbon pressed together. It is light in weight and very strong. having said that, it does not crumple but instead snaps, making it somewhat dangerous when involved in accidents, because of it’s low inferior impact-absorbing properties.

Different Types of Auto Body-Parts

There are 2 major categories of auto body-parts;

Genuine Body-Parts:
Genuine body parts are parts which are supplied by the automobile’s factory itself. This can consist of bumpers, hoods, spoilers, side-skirts and many others

After-Market Body-Parts:
These parts are not supplied by the company which created your car and are varied and sometimes bombastic in shape and style. These parts can be made by either factories or even by professionals who custom-make parts to your specifications and taste.

Different Brands

Different brands produce different body panels for their cars. Below are some genuine car manufacturer’s parts, as well as some after-market dealers:

Genuine Body-Parts Suppliers:

  • Alfa
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Chevrolet
  • Mitsubishi
  • Ferrari
  • Ford
  • Cadillac

After-Market Body-Parts:

  • Veilside
  • Wings West
  • Extreme Dimensions
  • RK Sport
  • ViS Racing
  • AIT Racing
  • Erebuni
  • Grip