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Aluminium Work

Amabile Galea & Sons

Amabile Galea & Sons Aluminium Work
Aluminium is a popular material for construction, with 25% of all aluminium going to the construction industry internationally. Thanks to its lightweight nature, aluminium has been used for not just products such as doors, door frames, railings, window frames and roof sheets. The reason it is used in so many things is because aluminium is very easy to mold. Aluminium is a corrosion-resistant alternative to traditional metals such as iron thanks to how lightweight and transformable it is – it can be turned into any number of designs, making it great for those who really want to express their artistic ideas as well.

About Amabile Galea & Sons

Amabile Galea & Sons, located in Birgu is dedicated to the high quality construction of aluminium and metal works such as iron and steel. Working with their clients to produce a range of product to their exact tastes and needs, Amabile takes pride in their craftsmanship. With plenty of experience in a range of products such as doors, windows, staircases and railings, they make the perfect partner to turn your dream project into a reality. A free quote is included and work can be done on all kinds of premises, be they residential or commercial.

Balconies and Railings

Amabile Galea & Sons Aluminium Balconies
Aluminium is the perfect material for balconies and their railings as it is sturdy enough to handle any weight and pressure put on it without being damaged, but also is light enough that it can be used for balconies without making them too heavy and unsafe. Lastly for balconies and outdoor railings, aluminium has the advantage of being corrosion resistant, something very important with Malta’s humid and sea soaked weather.


Aluminium doors
Aluminium is generally the go-to material for sliding doors, particularly those that lead outside of a house. The light metal makes it perfect for sliding mechanisms, as heavier materials like wood or iron may take considerable force to move, aluminium can glide smoothly. It’s use for doors leading outside stems from the fact that aluminium is corrosion-resistant, making it the top choice to doors to a garden or pool, the metal is also very good at supporting glass.


Aluminium Staircase
With staircases you want a material that is structurally sound and that can handle the weight that it will face daily. Luckily aluminium is a very sturdy metal that is easily reinforced. Its lightness also helps with intricate staircases that need to support extra weight as part of its structure. Lastly, thanks to aluminiams ability to be shaped easily, you can create plenty of unique designs with aluminium that simply wouldnt be possible with other materials. Aluminium can also give your staircase a very modern, almost space-age look as opposed to iron’s traditional look.

Contact Amibile Galea & Sons

A: 34, Triq it-Torri San Gwann, Birgu, BRG 1116
T: 21 824 287

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