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Hair Smoothing Treatments | Malta

Hair Straightening Malta

About Hair Smoothing Treatments There are plenty of hair-styles, worn by plenty of people, to suit plenty of fashion trends/styles. One thing found in common amongst most of these people though, is the fact that those with luscious curly, wavy hair, want it to be stock-straight and sometimes, vice-versa. So if you’re looking to tame… Read More »

Redzel’s Tuna Sunrise

Redzel's Tuna Sunrise

About Redzel’s Tuna Sunrise This quick and easy to prepare lunch is one of the healthiest and simplest lunch ideas, it is quick and requires very little preparation especially if you have a steamer for your veg. Ingredients: Apple Sweet Corn Broccoli Tuna Spinach – Preferably Fresh Carrots Egg Lemon Preparation: There are a few… Read More »

Redzel’s Nutty Sweet Chicken and Mash

Redzel's Nutty Chicken and Mash

About Redzel’s Nutty Sweet Chicken and Mash As promised in our Healthy lunch ideas section we are providing you a delicious, healthy, easy lunch recipe. So lets start with our simple list of ingredients for this recipe. Ingredients: Apple Potatoes Almonds Lemon Chicken Breast Preparation: This part is what makes this healthy lunch idea so… Read More »

Omelettes | Malta

An omelette is a healthy way to get a good dose of protein into your breakfast, which will keep you full and energetic throughout the day

About Omelettes | Malta Omelettes, like scrambled eggs, are a very quick breakfast item that take mere minutes to have ready and on the table. The benefit is that they’re nutritious, full of protein, and customizable. So you can make your omelette even healthier with the addition of mushrooms, spinach or other vegetables. Add some… Read More »

Healthy Breakfast Foods | Malta

A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day - Providing you with energy and nutrition for the rest of the day

About Healthy Breakfast Foods | Malta As we’ve all been told repeatedly, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The problem is that the morning is normally the busiest part of the day – between getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, and getting everyone out of the house dressed… Read More »

Granola | Malta

Granola, AKA Muesli, is a great healthy breakfast option. Serve it with milk or yogurt, and choose from a variety of mixes including fruit and nut, tropical fruits, etc

About Granola / Muesli | Malta Both muesli and granola are great options for a healthy breakfast – with infinite varieties and toppings, the only thing you need to watch out for is commercial granola that may not be as healthy as advertised due to sugar content. What’s the difference between Granola and Muesli: Both… Read More »

Porridge | Malta

Porridge is an excellent breakfast food; hearty, nutritious and filling, it will keep you feeling full till lunch.

About Porridge | Malta Porridge has long been a staple food item in Scottish cuisine and has spread around the world. It makes the perfect winter breakfast food – warm, hearty, filling and infinitely customizable. What is porridge? Porridge is a breakfast cereal made from oatmeal that has been boiled and slowly cooked until it… Read More »

Special K | Malta

Special K cereal has a long standing reputation for being tasty and food for you (and your waistline), enjoy it as part of a healthy breakfast routine

About Special K | Malta Cereal is the traditional breakfast food, but as you know, not all cereal is created equal. Many cereals are filled with sugars and are better off being called dessert rather than a healthy start to the day. Special K is different! Special K is a lightly toasted breakfast cereal from… Read More »

Healthy Sandwiches | Malta

A healthy sandwich can take your diet further than the standard ham and cheese; with nutritious hearty fillings, the humble sandwich can keep you going throughout your busy morning

About Healthy Sandwiches | Malta The humble sandwich is something of a chameleon. Your options for fillings and breads types together make a limitless amount of combinations, ensuring that there’s something for just about everyone. When you’re thinking about having a sandwich for breakfast, try to go beyond the standard ham & cheese toastie, and… Read More »