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Lampuki | Malta

It is a fish also known as Dorado fish or Mahi Mahi. The migratory fish are found in Maltese waters between the end of August till end of November. The Dolphin fish is known to grow fast in fact local fishermen catch a lot of them weighing 1 kilo to 1.5 kilos so the fish fits nicely on a plate.

Barilla | Malta

About Barilla | Malta Barilla was established in 1877, it started a family business as a bakery and pasta shop in Italy. Barilla is a leading pasta business worldwide, together with pasta sauces, bakery products and bread. The company focus is oriented around a proper diet with nutritionally balanced products used on a daily basis…. Read More »

Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails | Malta

Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails 2

About Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails Tropical fruits are healthy and taste great. Their freshness is sought after by many and many also add them to cocktails and mocktails to add a unique twist to their drinks. Ingredients like kiwi, mango, banana and many other ingredients are used in cocktails the world over and some specific… Read More »

Cocktails and Mocktails | Malta

Tropical Cocktails and Mocktails

About Cocktails and Mocktails Cocktails and mocktails come in various shapes and forms, with different ingredients thrown in to achieve different results. Some of the cocktails and mocktails available incorporate plenty of tropical ingredients, like mango, papaya, bananas and many others. To see other Tropical Cocktail and Mocktail Variations Click Here. Cocktails and mocktails are… Read More »

Pineapples | Malta


About Pineapples These palm-tree look-alike is quite imposing to look at, at first. It is covered in a hard spiky exterior, with a green spiky-leafed top. Once you cut through the exterior though, you will find that pineapples are very juicy and remind one instantly of the Caribbean, simply by looking at them. Great in… Read More »

Coconuts | Malta


About Coconuts | Malta The word “coconut” is taken from the 16th century Portuguese term “coco”, which roughly translates into skull. The term coconut came to be because the solid husk, along with the 3 marks on it are reminiscent of a human skull and face. Contrary to popular belief, a coconut is not really… Read More »

Tropical Food | Malta

Tropical Food

About Tropical Food Tropical food encompasses ingredients used in savory and sweet dishes alike. It also includes the vast variety of different combinations of these ingredients, which help make very unique dishes with unusual tastes. Tropical Ingredients in Food Caribbean-spiced Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa This recipe is bound to be enjoyed by those whoa re… Read More »

Party Venues | Malta

Villa Madama

About Party Venues | Malta A party is a joyous occasion in which one celebrates an achievement or perhaps a birthday. It is also a means to celebrate a special occasion or can even be used as a socializing occasion. Parties are also meant to help share important occasions with those closest to you. With… Read More »

Glorious! Food | UK

Glorious Foods UK

About Glorious! Food | UK Glorious! Food | UK do things differently. Their soups, dips and sauces provide a mixture of bold, unexpected flavors. They have a staggering variety of wares, which starts from the letter A (with the product: “A Night In Tuscany”) ranging all the way down to the letter Z, all through… Read More »

Delphi Foods – Dips | Malta

Delphi Dips

About Delphi Dips, Greek Food & Mediterranean Specialties | Malta The dips produced by this company, are of genuine quality. They also taste heavenly, are quite refreshing and come in a vast range of flavors and ingredient combinations. Some dips are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Delphi products also benefit from a reduction in… Read More »